I Actually Mingled With the Locals Today!

Today I went to a cooking demonstration at the local kitchen store.  Keep in mind there are no WalMarts or big corporate stores on the island.  No McDonalds or Burger King or Dunkin Donuts, not even a Ben & Jerry’s.  The businesses are all island owned.  So I wasn’t at Sonoma Williams.  This store had everything though.  I was in cooking heaven. Well, not quite heaven because I had no money.

The demonstration was done by the owner of  Tea Lane Caterers. Her name was Dee and she had attended the Culinary Institute of America so she was a real chef.  She was demonstrating cooking with WonTons.  I learned a lot and met a woman who I am going to send some crock pot recipes to.  She was very nice and we exchanged phone numbers.  I can actually make wontons that are low fat.  We got to taste everything that Dee cooked which was fun as it was lunchtime.

The store I was at was right across the street from Sarah’s store so of course I went to visit her afterwards.

I am going to take a course in crochet beading or something like that in April if I am healed enough from my knee replacement surgery on March 11th.  I am really trying to do more and get out more instead of staying home all the time.  I also have to be out and about if I am going to nab handicapped parking thieves and yell at dumbass non-blinker users.  I just hope people don’t mistake my yelling at them for road rage.  No, not me, I’m not angry.

Don’t you just love this sign.  I thought I could put up a few around town.


I can already see that I am going to have a lot of fun here.  It’s like a new beginning.

I leave you with Tracy Chapman–New Beginning

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  1. trishatruly
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 15:43:49

    OMG, when you think about it , Joan, it really is a New Beginning!! Thank you so much for sharing this Tracy Chapman video, I had not seen it before but as I was watching it, (and you can relate to this, being close to my age) I remembered the feelings I had back in the 70s when I really believed there was a chance to change things.

    Every day can be a new beginning if we choose it to be so, at least personally.
    God bless you on your new beginning.


  2. Joy
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 16:39:57

    I love that you are so happy here and I do agree, it’s good for you to get out. That island sounds like heaven to me.

    I LOVE that sign…LMAO!! I’ve sure missed you.


  3. Hannah
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 18:12:59

    It sounds like a great place – no McDonald’s, no Burger King, PERFECT! Especially when you’re doing WW, huh? 😉
    I think it’s great that you did the cooking class, what a great way to meet like-minded people. You seem really happy there, which is wonderful!


  4. Romi
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 20:28:00

    Your island sounds so lovely, and you made a new friend too just like that!!! People aren’t as nice in the city, which is why I really need that sign….lol 😉


  5. lupusranting
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 22:52:28

    Methinks at this point you ARE one of the locals. Enjoy 🙂


  6. Doraz
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 23:01:36

    I can see that you are going to have NO problem “fitting in” with all those people out your way! -)* Have fun! Enjoy each day like a new adventure…which it sounds like you are on already!-)*


  7. thegirlfromtheghetto
    Feb 18, 2009 @ 23:02:20

    Welcome back!


  8. museditions
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 00:31:09

    I’ve read your last few posts. I had been seriously worried that perhaps there would be no dumbasses in your new neighborhood, but I needn’t have been concerned. Thank goodness they have you to put them right!
    The store sounds delightful, and how pleasant to meet someone right away who shares your passion for culinary adventures.
    By the time grandbaby gets here you will know many people and all the good places to go with a baby, too!


  9. JavaQueen
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 02:14:46

    Hey there Joanie! Glad you are fitting in and getting acclimated! You are having surgery in March? Will this eliminate your need for the cane? If so, will you still carry said cane just “in case”???

    Heeee-heeeee! So glad you are doing so well – you deserve this happiness! How is Sarah doing?

    Yes, I have my surgery on March 11th. I will still have to have the cane because my other knee is crap too. Once I get the other knee done I will still have to use it because me back is also crap. Sarah is doing really well. She has a nice beer I mean baby belly.


  10. odette
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 02:15:49

    sounds like a really nice place joan! i’m looking forward for more pictures of your new home. cheers to new beginnings! ♥


  11. croneandbearit
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 11:57:57

    I’m glad you are blending in with the locals and starting to enjoy yourself — I so envy your island living.


  12. Just a Mom
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 12:54:10

    I am glad to hear that the locals don’t bite! Wait, maybe the Wontons you ate had poison in them. Now you will become one of them! Oops sorry I was having a Stepford Wives flashback there for a minute!

    The cooking class sounds awesome! Don’t be shy about passing on things that you learn not matter what your sign says! 🙂


  13. mrsvierkant
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 15:27:58

    ROFL at the sign. 😀 Very funny.

    Enjoy your new beginning.


  14. Hay
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 16:42:42

    You go girl!


  15. Diane
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 17:39:06

    You didn’t ‘mingle with the locals’ my dear…you are one!

    I have a sign for you, too. Driving along the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn this morning, we passed a real sign that said
    FAGEDDABOUTIT . I’d love to know what city official snuck that one in.

    Thank you so much for Tracy Chapman. It’s been years, and I love her. She and Joni Mitchell make sense of things in my heart.

    March 11th? I’m not nearly along in sending you my thoughts and prayers. They are really good at doing this now. You’ll be in great shape.


  16. sheng
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 19:30:26

    Good thing you were able to mingle with locals in the area. Have fun Joanie!


  17. javajunkee
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 20:33:17

    oh you sound so happy! How fun for you and nobody deserves it more than you.


  18. Tanya
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 21:32:02

    Hey Mom.

    Love to hear about the island. It sounds like fun and I’m glad your getting into more things. Sounds like your type of place. Better than here….miss you guys but I know we’ll see you soon.


  19. 3boys1mommy
    Feb 19, 2009 @ 23:06:19

    It’s Williams Sonoma Joanie! I’m glad you’re getting out more maybe it will give you more stuff to blog about 😉 You stick to using that blinker Joanie you’ll change that laid back island yet!

    OMG, I can’t believe I typed Sonoma Williams. I never even noticed. That is so funny. Good catch!!


  20. teeni
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 15:07:24

    Wow – Joan! Your knee replacement is coming up! I can hardly believe it is almost here already. Oh, crochet beading sounds like fun – is it done with wire or thread? I hope you will show us what you make with it.


  21. thebeadden
    Feb 20, 2009 @ 22:48:36

    It’s great to hear that you are already making friends and enjoying your new life, Joan!
    Crochet beading! I have seen some pretty wicked jewelry done with that and the thin wire.
    It is so good to have you back blogging!


  22. thegirlfromtheghetto
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 17:44:21

    What did you think about Wednesday’s episode of LOST? Just where the heck is Aaron?

    It was a great episode. Yeah, where the hell is Aaron?


  23. kilax
    Feb 22, 2009 @ 23:02:26

    Ooo, I love those unique little kitchen stores! Did they have a lot of fun stuff there?

    It took all my self control to not whip out my credit card and start charging stuff.
    They have tons of great stuff.


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