Screaming for Food!

Not having been around infants for a while I had forgotten some of the interesting things they do.  Lilah is helping me remember.  Every three hours you can count on Lilah to let me know she’s hungry.  She doesn’t just cry she screams. 

I started thinking about how life would be if we all screamed when we were hungry.  Imagine what suppertime would be like.  The children would all be in the kitchen setting the table screaming as they do it.  Mom would be finishing up supper screaming as loud as the children.  Dad would walk in the door after work screaming louder than everyone.

In the summer you would hear all your neighbors screaming  unless you had a noisy air conditioner. Restaurants would be brimming with folks sitting at their tables screaming.   Ear plug companies would be making millions even in this economy.

And what about the person who never screams.  You would know they pig out on food all the time and you would know if  people were skinny they were bulimic.  You wouldn’t be able to hide it. 


Hungry Woman!

screaming 2



Imagine not being hungry at breakfast and attending an early morning business meeting.  Suddenly you are starving and of course screaming.  There’s no food.  You have to leave the meeting.  You’re fired for not eating breakfast.

Wow, I guess I really am overtired.  I’d better go to bed.


Hi Everyone!

Just stopping by to let you know I’m still around.  Lilah keeps me very busy.  She wrote a post today on her blog, Whatever Baby Thinks.    It seems she has more time than I do.

   We  spent a good part of the day in town today.  We had coffee, well, at least I did.  Anyway,  we sat on a bench and watched tourists for a while, just me and Lilah.  We’re going back tomorrow with the camera.   Dumbasses flourish in this town in August.  It was a lot of fun watching them. 

Did you know that when you are on vacation you can cross the street without looking?   You can also just throw your rubbish on the sidewalk and encourage your kids to do it too.  You can also let your children run wild in retaurants.   These are just a few of the fun vacation things you can do here.   Oh, I almost forgot,  you can cut in front of people if you are in line at the grocery store.

I’ll try to capture some of these fun things on video tomorrow.


Evidently Andrew needs to come here and teach the tourists how to cross the street.