Before and After

The top photo is from Thanksgiving 2 years ago and the bottom photo is from this past Thanksgiving.




Weight Watchers Saturday!! OOPS! Baby Stuff!

Well, all I can say is I didn’t gain weight but I didn’t lose either.  I actually stayed the same.  I figure that’s not horrible with Thanksgiving and all plus the night before,  Sarah, the wasband and I went to Grumpy’s pub to see the band that played at Sarah’s wedding.  We had a good time.  Didn’t stay late and only had two drinks but that is probably about 5 points.  Add that to Thanksgiving day and you’ve got no weight loss.

I have to step up the weight loss now so I can have my new knee done in March.  That will give me three months to recover before baby is born.

I’m going to have to be in shape!


One thing I forgot to mention was the due date.  The baby is due on my birthday, June 9th.  Sarah’s Doctor came up with June 10th but I found a website online and it came up with June 9th so that’s what I am telling everyone.

Obie’s grandfather and brother share their birthday on June 12th.  I’m hoping it will be born on my birthday but it would be cool too to have it born on it’s great grandfather’s birthday and it’s uncle’s.

I’m also tired of calling it–IT.  Sarah and Obie want to know the gender but we have to wait until sometime in January for that.  I, personally, don’t care what it is as long as it is human and not some alien.  I will be happy though we did call my son  “alien piggy” when he was little.

When I was little I referred to myself as Noni and most of my relatives called me Noni.  We’ve decided it will make a good grandma’s name.  I don’t really want to be called Grandma or Nana anyway and I certainly don’t want to be called Granny.   We have also decided to have Barry be called Bubba.  We have many times referred to him as Bubba so it will fit right in.

The kids are still discussing names for it but I think they want to find out the gender before they really decide.

To Sarah:

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

You are currently in week 12. Your little one is around two whole inches long and their head is starting to lift a bit as their neck straightens. What’s more they’re practicing breathing using amniotic fluid and they’ve developed their sucking reflexes. As for you, your pregnancy is now becoming a fact which others can observe without you telling them that no, you’re not just putting on a bit of weight.

Museditions just asked a good question on my last post about the baby. Where are we going to put the little  wee one?

The kid’s basement apartment


The above is a crude drawing I just did on Paint. My goodness, using Paint is like using an Etch-A-Sketch.  I was never good at that.  I hated Etch-A-Sketches.  Obviously I can’t draw at all.  Anyway, where it says baby is part of their storage room.  They will put up walls and a floor and ceiling and ventilate the air.  The room will be small but this way the baby can be downstairs with them when they are home.  They will be able to fit a crib and a bureau in it.   Otherwise they would have to kick out Barry and use his room on my floor and they don’t want to do that.  We actually like having the wasband around.  I once posted photos of their apartment downstairs here.  It’s really nice.

Well, that’s it for now.  I am going to settle down in my room and crochet.

I Am So Freakin’ Thankful!!!!!

I’ve thought of about 100 different ways to write this post but I’m going to do what I always do and just write “Whatever I Think”.


There I’ve said it.  Could I be more excited ?  ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN’  NO!


Will I be a good granny?  It depends on who you ask.

Now you all know how long I’ve been wanting to be a grandma.  I may have mentioned it numerous times. Here is the cool story of how and when they told us.

On October 11th we went to visit Grampa in the nursing home.  We knew he only had a few days to live.  He didn’t seem to be recognizing anyone but the whole time we were there he held onto both of Sarah’s hands and wouldn’t stop looking at her.  It seemed like he was trying to tell her something but he had severe pneumonia and nothing was coming out.  He never let go of her hands the whole visit.  It was a sad time because we knew we probably wouldn’t see him again.  At the same time watching him hold Sarah’s hands was so moving and beautiful.

We finally left the nursing home and went out to dinner.  We were starving and  1 1/2 hours from home.  We sat down at a table and Sarah said she had something to tell us.  Barry, Leslie and I looked at her with rapt attention.  I’m thinking they are getting another dog or they are going to paint the house.  She said ” I’m pregnant.”   I said  “No, you’re not.”  I seriously thought she was joking.  She said  “Mom,  I wouldn’t joke about something like this.”  Then I burst into tears and was hugging her and crying really loudly.

Sarah explained that she thought it might be bad timing to tell us then, what with Grampa being so ill and all, but she couldn’t hold it back anymore.  She also said she felt Grampa would want us to know because we were sort of exchanging him for a new baby and he would like that.  I swear Grampa knew she was pregnant.  Somehow he just knew and if he did I am sure it made him very happy.

So I have known for almost 6 weeks.  Do you know how hard it was for me not to tell anyone?  It damn near killed me.  Sarah wanted to not tell everyone until she was at least 12 weeks along.  At Thanksgiving they announced it to Obie’s family.

Another amazing thing happened.  Sarah has a best friend.  They have known each other since kindergarten. They always swore they would be pregnant together.  Bianca got married last year.  She came to the house two weeks ago to tell us she was pregnant too.  She is only two weeks behind Sarah and it is totally coincidental.

Thanksgiving was wonderful yesterday because I have so much to be thankful for.  I will post a few photos.  Most of the good ones are on Sarah’s camera but I have a couple.  I will post the rest tomorrow.

This is what greeted us when we arrived


The Thanksgiving Table


My tiny dessert, Key Lime pie


We have so much to do to prepare for a baby living in this house.  It will be quite a task for all of us.  Of course,  you will all get blow by blow descriptions of everything that happens as it happens.

I might even post again today but I want to get this up and share the news.

Sucked Into Cleaning!!


I went with my sister to have coffee yesterday and when I came back home, my daughter and her hubby were on a cleaning binge.  Oh why didn’t I stay at my sister’s house longer?  I came home and got sucked into cleaning.  I just couldn’t sit back and watch them or go lock myself in my room. They were cleaning the upstairs where I live so I felt obligated to help.  My daughter wants the house all spiffy for Christmas.

We got a lot done.  There was a lot of clutter and vacuuming to do.


The best thing I did was clean out the junk drawer and turn it into my new spice drawer.


My spices were on three small shelves next to the window over the sink and I could never find what I was looking for.  And yes, I use them all.  I also cleaned out the refrigerator.


We have to make room for all the food we will be making for the holidays.  I am going grocery shopping today with my brother and it is pouring out.  Yuck!!

Sunday, my daughter and I spent the day shopping and we had lunch at Red Robin.  I had a chicken wrap and only ate half.  That’s a first.  I had the rest for supper and I was actually full.

We went to BJ’s, a discount food store, where you buy everything in bulk, don’t get bags, and everything is way cheaper,  so we stocked up.  We now have enough toilet paper to last for months.  They also sell lots of other stuff beside food.  We had to join.  It’s like a club thing but we saved so much money.  I will be going back for sure.

I will be posting a list of things to be thankful for but I am not doing it until Friday.  There is a good reason why but you will have to wait to find out.

I was sincerely sad to see Red’s blog, “Dr. Pepper Is Good For The Soul” gone.  I must have missed her goodbye post because I had no idea.  I do understand why people stop blogging, though. It can be very time consuming.  I will really miss her.  She had an awesome sense of humor and was a great blogger.

I may not post again until Friday because I am very busy with making crafts, cooking, baking, shopping and evidently there is more cleaning.  UHG!

Damon is traveling down the coast looking for jobs as he goes.  No luck yet.  He is still in North Carolina couchsurfing.


That scarecrow keeps showing up on my blog!!


Weight Watchers Saturday! wOOt! wOOt! Couchsurfing!

Are You ready?  I LOST 4 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!!

Yes, I was really happy.  I have now lost 87 pounds. I really gave it my all this week because I know I have to stop futzing around and get it done.  I’ve still got another 100 pounds or more to go.


Well,  I’ve removed all refrigerator magnets so I have no more excuses.

Sarah and I are working hard making our home made Christmas gifts.  Unfortunately, I can’t post any photos or even tell you what we are doing because certain people like MY SISTER read my blog and I want her to have some surprises.  Notice how she never leaves comments.  But that is probably because we talk on the phone at least 5 times a day.

My sister, My best friend, My therapist, My mentor,  I call her Bobbie or Sister B.  I’d be lost without her.


Damon is in Kill Devil Hills, NC.  He doesn’t know if he is going to stay there because there are no fishing jobs now.  He might go further south.  We talk about 10 times a day on the cell phone.  Every time he sees something cool he calls me.  I now know there are a lot of logging trucks on Route 64 and there are a lot of cotton fields.  He has been couchsurfing.

“CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit.”

Basically if you are a member and have good feedback other members will let you sleep on their couch for a night or two when you are traveling. Damon and Anna have done a lot of couchsurfing.  They did a lot of it when they went to Alaska and it’s free.

“CouchSurfing Collectives (or CSCs) are held in order to bring participants together to improve the CouchSurfing website and grow our community. Participants enjoy an exotic and fun environment, as well as free meals and accommodation. They are invited in order to contribute towards improving the CouchSurfing experience for everyone.”

This is the Couchsurfing Collective that Damon and Anna went to in Alaska.


Damon is on the far right.  This is the photo that is on the main page on the couchsurfing website.


Well, now that you have all had a lesson in couchsurfing I don’t have much else to write about today.

One more thing, it is freakin’ cold today!!!

I’m Dizzy From the Speed!

I was sitting here doing nothing when I remembered an astronomy book I once read.  It is called “The Soul of the Night” by Chet Raymo.  It isn’t exactly a scientific astronomy book.  It’s more about the connection between astronomy and faith.  I remembered one thing Mr. Raymo said about how fast we were moving when we were sitting still.

As I lazily sat in my chair, I thought about the fact that I was really moving at an incredible speed.

To make one complete rotation in 24 hours, Earth moves at 1000 MPH.  At the same time,  Earth is moving around the Sun at 66,000 MPH.  Earth and our Sun are also moving within our Galaxy toward the star Vega at 43,000 MPH.  Along with all this movement,  Earth and the Sun are orbiting our Galaxy center (a great big black hole)  at 483,000 MPH.  To top it all off  our Galaxy (The Milky Way Galaxy)  is moving at 1.3 million MPH toward the constellations Leo and Virgo.

I am exhausted after going this fast.  I don’t even know if I can cook supper. Don’t ever call me a lazy ass because I am moving really, really fast.

These are all galaxies and this is where we are headed!  Talk about a road trip!!


You don’t have to be an astronomy buff to enjoy this book.  It gets 5 stars on Amazon.

Thank goodness for gravity.  Who knows where I would be?  I think this post is going to give Peter Parkour a headache.

What Time Is It? Damon Is On His Way South!!

Where I live, it is 6:49PM on Tuesday November 18.  I think it is unnecessary to put the year.  I’m hoping you all know that already.  What freaks me out is: it is tomorrow in some places.  Like’ it’s almost 1:00PM in the afternoon tomorrow in Auckland, New Zealand.  Now, I know people there.  I find it so weird to think they are living in my tomorrow at the same time I am living in their yesterday.

It’s the little things in life, eh?

Now if  “Scotty” could beam me over there,  would I be 18 hours older in the second it took me to get there? I’d be in tomorrow land.

Sometimes I think of the weirdest stuff.

OK, enough of the space and time continuum.

Damon left to go South tonight at about 5:30 PM my time.  We took some photos of the tearful goodbye.  Who knows when I will see him again.

Damon saying goodbye to his beloved cat Yoda. The cat I will never let him have even though it is technically his.


Obie, Damon and the Wasband


Damon and me just before he leaves


Damon and Me–The final teary goodbye!!!  I’m wearing my old fat pants–they make me look even bigger!!


Sarah was still at work so she wasn’t home when he left.  He wrote her a nice thank you letter.

He’s been gone two hours.  I’ve already talked to him three times on his cell phone.

He’s actually headed west to Syracuse, N.Y. to visit his girlfriend for one night before he goes South.  Only a couple of days out of his way but I suppose there is really no hurry to go South.  It’ll be there when he gets there.

Another Two Memes! Includes a photo and 6 Random (very random) Things About Me!!

I’ve been tagged to do these two memes by Mrs. Vierkant at “Don’t Put Boogers In Your Neighbor’s Cereal”.

She is a pre-school teacher, a wonderful one at that, and I love reading her stories about teaching and the little ones.  You can tell she is just an awesome teacher and loves the kids she teaches and her own two kids too.  She also has the most beautiful smile.

Tag Number One

You are supposed to find the 6th folder in your pictures directory and post the 6th photo in it.

So here are the instructions:

1. Go to your sixth picture folder then pick your sixth picture.
2. Pray that you remember the details.
3. Tag 5 others, leave a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged.   NOT!!!!
Here’s the picture:


This photo was taken about 10 years ago of my son and a friend burning brush in our backyard.  It was taken with my first digital camera.  Digital cameras back then took terrible photos because the resolution was so low.  It was a Sony Mavica that took floppy disks. At the time it was considered a good digital camera.

Tag Number 2:


I’ve been given an ” Uber Amazing Blog” award, by the same Mrs. Vierkant at “Don’t Put Booger In Your Neighbor’s Cereal.”

Thank you Mrs. V.  I’m happy to receive this award.

Again, the rules:

1. Link to the person or persons who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.  NOT!!!!
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Random Things About Me: This is tough because most of you know just about everything about me.  I sure don’t hold back.  Honestly, I’m sitting here thinking and I can’t think of anything I haven’t mentioned in a blog or a comment.

1.  OK, here’s one.  I got a $25.00 debit on my checking account yesterday and I can’t figure out where it came from.  It says pre-authorized debit– Cyan Finance.  I never heard of them.  I couldn’t even find anything on the internet about them that made any sense. So my bank told me it went through Metro Phoenix Bank.  So I called them yesterday and they made me leave a message and of course no one got back to me.  They suck!

2.  I like potholders.  OK, I’m desperate with this.  At least I don’t burn myself.  Oh crap, even that’s not true.  I burn myself all the time.  I only mentioned I like potholders because there’s one right on my desk.



3.  I call the clicker for the TV the “Clacker”.   We have been calling remotes “Clackers” since they were invented. Yes, I am that old.  When I got married hardly anyone had a color TV and VCRs hadn’t been invented yet. Neither had a lot of other crap.

4.  I can crochet and I am going to crochet Christmas ornaments as part of our “make all our gifts this year.”  I’m also going to laminate some bookmarks.  Thanks to Wendy for the idea.  If you read my “Happy Anniversaries/Stuff” post you will know that I was looking for something to laminate anyway.

5.  I just cracked the outside of my new phone so now I can’t see whose calling me and I like to screen my calls.  The funny part is my daughter saw the crack and I thought it was a photo of a crack that had somehow come up on my phone like some wallpaper type thing.  She laughed.  I was serious.  Now that is a dumbass thing.



6.  My ass still hurts from when I broke it on December 30th. It’s been almost 11 months.  What’s up with that?  Any ass doctors out there?  I suppose I should tell my doctor at some point though I really don’t want to have my ass removed.  They’d only remove the tailbone and not the assfat.

Wow, finally done.

I’m too lazy to tag again.  I might add tags to this tonight.

Fourth and Fourth Meme

Trisha at Talkin’ Trash with Trisha tagged me for this meme. The thing about Trisha is she never really talks trash.  She is a cool talkin’ mama.  Mama to our lovely wedded Birdpress.  I’ve been tagged for a few memes lately and have been slacking so I am going to try and catch up in the next few days. This was a nice easy one or so I thought.

The rules are:
1. Go to your pictures file.
2. Go to the 4th file.
3. Go to the 4th picture.
4. Post it and tell the story.
5. Tag 4 more people.

Being such an unorganized person I had picture files everywhere. So I had to gather them all and put them in the actual, for real,  picture file. Thank goodness, I didn’t come up with some lame dumbass photo. This truly is the fourth file (Damon’s Alaskan photos) , fourth photo.

It’s Damon and his girlfriend, Anna,  when they were in Alaska.  I guess they are pretending to be moose or deer or elk or something with antlers, maybe reindeer.  Christmas is coming.  They should make Christmas cards using this photo. That would be cool.  Too bad he didn’t have red on.

I don’t have much of a story to go with it because I wasn’t there.  But I like the photo.

I’ll pass on tagging because I’m too lazy today.  I will just tag everyone I know in the whole wide world and that means YOU!!!!

Lip Balm Addiction–Is It Real? Are You Addicted?

Though doctors debate whether lip balm is indeed addictive, constant users swear it is. Some admit to applying the salve up to every 10 minutes.


He thought about it all the time.

He had to have it.

If he went too long without it, his need for a fix consumed him.

This wasn’t about drugs or alcohol or cigarettes. Not even checking his e-mail.

Kevin C. was a lip balm addict. A sweaty, obsessed, quivering addict.

So much so that he founded Lip Balm Anonymous.

He’s clean now.

“It’s been about 13 years, six months and two days,” says Kevin Crossman, who will share his full name now that he’s gotten past the shame. “I went cold turkey.”

Crossman is just one of millions who are, let’s just say, quite attached to their lip balm. According to ACNielsen Co., sales of lip balms grew last year to more than $378 million.

Dr. Marcia Driscoll, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the University of Maryland, says lip balm addiction is real – albeit a bit surprising.

She said she recently asked some residents on her staff about it, and three of them pulled lip products out of their pockets.

She said to herself, “This might be more common than I believe.”

On Facebook, there are 192 groups dedicated to lip balm, many of them addiction-oriented. They include: “I Think I Might Die Without Lipgloss, ChapStick or Some Form of Lip Balm,” “Lip Balm Appreciation Guild,” “I forgot my lip balm, my life is over!” “I Think I’m Addicted to Lip Balm,” and “Addicted to lip balm like CRACK.”

Balm companies, well aware of people’s predilections, have started packaging the tubes in packs of two or three to capitalize on what’s often an impulse purchase, says Drug Store News.

Crossman, who’s a Web-site manager in San Francisco, says his addiction started with cherry-flavored ChapStick. It tasted good and felt nice on his lips. “It wasn’t very cool to have pinkish lips, but I couldn’t help it,” he says, adding that before he quit, he was using dozens of times a day and that his lips felt naked without it. hit a nerve. People from all over the world have visited it, and although Crossman hasn’t been actively updating it for years, people are still tracking him down to talk about it.

OK, now.  I am not a lip balm addict.  I use it very rarely.  But I was reading someone’s blog this week, unfortunately I can’t remember whose it was,  and she was talking about lip balm and then I just happened across the above article today.  So who’s addicted?  Come on, admit it. There’s help out there for you. It will do you go to let it out.  No holding back. What’s your favorite brand?  I want to know your deepest darkest lip balm secrets.

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