Who is Kenneth Snipps?

He’s hilarious whoever he is. I’m just hoping he knows that and isn’t serious about some of the letters he’s written and don’t forget his hit song “Secret Itch”. He also believes he’s been abducted by aliens and who knows–maybe he has!


Mr. Snipps visited a local store in the town I live in this summer. After his visit he sent the owners an interesting letter. From the research I have done on Mr. Snipps he is well known for his letters.

In this particular letter Mr. Snipps requested help from the owners. He questioned why they didn’t sell fudge in their store. The store sells clothing ( not really but I don’t want to give the name of the business. I can guarantee that it is not a store that would normally sell fudge).

I quote Mr. Snipps:

“I left your store catatonic and oblivious to my surroundings. Thank God I tripped and fell later that afternoon because it woke me up. However, I did feel empty and completely unfulfilled. As a result, I returned to my lodgings and lay in bed watching the ceiling fan go round and round while listening to the Armed Forces Network.”

There was a little more to the letter but I only included the main paragraph. I guess Mr. Snipps didn’t notice the fudge store next door or if he did maybe they had run out of fudge for the day.


You can Google Mr. Snipps if you care to. Personally, I find the man very interesting. If you are reading this Mr. Snipps I respectfully ask you “What’s Up (beside space ships)?



I just wrote a whole post and somehow the draft got deleted.  I am cursing right now.  It’s late, I’m tired and I can’t remember what I wrote.  I even had a cartoon to post.  I’m going to put up the cartoon, go to bed and hope I remember what I wrote.



I remember one thing.  The wasband has a cold.