Are You Really That Happy?

I always wonder about overly happy people.  You know the ones I mean.  When you see them they are literally gushing sweetness all over you.  Honey drips from their mouths.  You ask them how their day is and their day is the most wonderful day anyone has ever had.  They are so optimistic that you want a boulder to flatten their sugary bodies all over the landscape.

The question is: Are they truly that happy?  or:  Is it all bullshit?  Are these overly happy folk hanging around Disney World too much?

At this point in  my life I consider myself a fairly happy and optimistic person.  Actually, it’s practically a miracle that I ended up in the position that I am in.  A few years ago, maybe 6 or 7 years ago, I was extremely depressed and looking at becoming a bag lady.  Walking the streets searching for redeemable soda cans.  Watching TV at the local appliance store.  Dumpster diving.  Fortunately my daughter stepped up and took me in and forced me to take antidepressants which I am happy pleased to say I am still taking.

My Dad had the habit of letting out a short laugh whenever I told him bad news.   It took me a long time to realize it was just a knee jerk reaction and had nothing to do with how he felt about the news he was hearing.  Everyone is different from the next person and we all react differently to everything and to each other but I will always wonder if these people who always appear to be overly happy are really hiding something.




I am a terrible procrastinator.  I even put off doing the things I want to do for fun. I must really try to change.

List of things I have been putting off:

1.  Losing weight.  I lost 90 lbs and gained back half of it.  Need I say more?

2.  Writing posts for my blog.  I really enjoyed writing on my blog but then the grandchildren were born and that seemed to take over my life but lets’ face it:  My grandchildren are just an excuse.

3.  I want to start mixed media journaling.  I got most of the supplies I will need for Christmas.  I am waiting for a couple more things from Amazon which should arrive this week.  Time will tell if I really do it.

4.  Organize my photos which are contained in about 7 giant plastic bins in the basement.

5.  Slow down on watching my Korean soaps.  I think this subject needs a whole post to be written.

Those are the main things I have been procrastinating about.

Next, here a the few things I DID accomplish.

1.  Quit watching TV.  Yes I actually have not watched any TV in the last 7 or 8 months.  Granted, I started watching Korean soaps on my computer.

2.  I quit Facebook games a year ago.  Granted I just started playing Farmville 2.

So where does all this lead me.  Up Shit Creek is what I think.  I spend way too much time up Shit Creek.


I guess now I can sit back and see what I do next. I hope I do something.  Time is catching up to me.

Lisa at just paid it forward.  Thanks my dear friend.