Bittersweet refers to a combination of the standard tastes of sweetness and bitterness, and is often used as a metaphor for experiences which have elements of both happiness and sadness.


That is how I feel today.  The truck is packed.  We leave in a couple of hours for the boat.  I sit in my room for the last time.  I hope this move will turn out for the best.  I look at the lines on the kitchen wall where I carved Damon’s height as he grew from a boy to a man.  I remember bringing Sarah home from the hospital as I envision taking her to the hospital ( on a very slow boat) to give birth to her own daughter.

This house holds so many memories.  I seem only to remember the good ones.  The bad ones tossed away.  I think of my future.  I think of my granddaughter and daughter.  I think of my son so far away.  I want to hug him.

The house is silent as I say my goodbyes.  A single tear falls as I write this.  I look forward to new memories as I put the old ones in a safe place.  A place where I can bring them out anytime.

I look through the skylight at the trees that seem so much taller now.  I remember planting that blue spruce the year Sarah was born.  Now it stands tall and stately just like her.   I know I will be happy wherever I am as long as I am with family.

Oh fuckity fuck,  just get me on the damn boat!!!!


Psychic Reading!! Moving Next Saturday! Just in: Photos of New House!!

First I want to thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last post.  I would have left comments myself,  but packing called to me. I answered that call with a definitive “Packing Sucks!”  Unfortunately, I had to do it anyway.  I did throw out lots of crap including  junk mail.  I still can’t figure out why I kept all this junk mail.  Did I think it was important at the time?  I have no clue.


Now, about the psychic.  I have never been to one before and sort of doubted anyone’s ability to be one but a very good friend of mine went to one and was so impressed she paid for my visit.  Always looking for some fun I decided to take her up on it.


I went to see Ruth Straus Berkowitz. Her bio  includes this info:

Spirit Artist: Spirit guides, working with Rita’s artistic talent, allow her to draw a portrait of a spirit guide or spirit loved one that is around you. Her gifts will also allow the spirit communicator to make know the message they have come to give. Portraits are available in black and white or color.

I wanted see if my Dad was hanging around me.  I had her do a color drawing.  She picked up on the fact that he had a bump on his nose and had blue eyes.  She said he was very impatient and had a great sense of humor–all true.

She also told me I had two children, a girl and a boy.  She said the daughter was wonderful and knew where she was going and the son had no clue as to what he wanted to do.  She had that right on.   She said I had to step back from the son.  Ya Think?  She also felt there was a granddaughter in the picture.

All in all she convinced me plus it got me out of packing.  I didn’t give her any info.  She came up with it on her own.  I asked her if my Dad had a message for me and evidently he did.  He wants me to watch what I eat and be careful with my back.  Thanks Dad, but I’m onto to that already. I was hoping he would tell me about some buried treasure or tell me what numbers  to bet on the lottery.  Oh well.

I guess a lot of people cry when they find out a relative is hanging around them. I’m not sure if they cry because they are pissed about it or happy.  I was actually LMAO.  My Dad always made me laugh so I wasn’t going to start crying about him now.  The psychic said my Dad was trying to get her to hurry up with the drawing.  That is so him.  I was cracking up when she said that.

After all was said and done I was happy I got the experience.

Next Saturday is the big  moving day.  After I get my room set up I will be back to blogging regularly.  I miss you all!!

I could  do this!


Sarah just e-mailed me photos of the new house. Hot off the press:

Dining Room


Front of house


My domain__The Kitchen


The Laundry Room


My room


My favorite part of the house__The Front PorchI wish I had neighbors to spy on!


View from the back deck.  You can see the water if you are upstairs.


It’s a Girl!!!!

There’s not much more I can say so I will let you see the pictures.




Your pregnancy: 18 weeks

See the big picture

How your baby’s growing:

Head to rump, your baby is about 5 1/2 inches long (about the length of a bell pepper) and he weighs almost 7 ounces. He’s busy flexing his arms and legs — movements that you’ll start noticing more and more in the weeks ahead. His blood vessels are visible through his thin skin, and his ears are now in their final position, although they’re still standing out from his head a bit. A protective covering of myelin is beginning to form around his nerves, a process that will continue for a year after he’s born. If you’re having a girl, her uterus and fallopian tubes are formed and in place. If you’re having a boy, his genitals are noticeable now, but he may hide them from you during an ultrasound.

I am so excited!!!

I actually did do some packing yesterday. I might try to do some more tonight. I don’t know. I’m just so excited. Now I can say she instead of it.

Dude!! And I Am Supposed To Be Packing!

Javaqueen got me thinking about the word “Dude” today. She was trying to type the word “Good night” and typed “Dood night” instead, which got me to thinking about the word “Dude”. I know, it doesn’t take much for my mind to go off on a tangent.

Here is some info about the word “Dude” from Wikipedia.

The term dude is an American English slang word generally used informally to address a male individual. The word was once used primarily by adults but has become a common slang term used in various age groups. The female equivalent, less often used, is “dudette”. However the term dude has evolved to become a more unisex term to encompass all genders, and was even true in the 1950’s during the word’s older definitions.

Evander Berry Wall, a New York socialite, was dubbed “King of the Dudes.” He is pictured in the New York American at the time of the “battle of the Dudes” in 1888.


King of the Dudes

A journalist of the New York American, Blakely Hall, made Wall famous, proclaiming him in 1888 “King of the Dudes” for having won the “Battle of the Dudes” against Robert “Bob” Hilliard, another sartorial dude when, during the blizzard of 1888, he strode into a bar clad in gleaming boots of patent leather that went to his hips. Nevertheless, some historians still consider it was Hilliard who won that boots battle.

Wall won another contest in Saratoga against John “Bet a Million” Gates, for having changed clothes 40 times between breakfast and dinner, appearing on the race track “in one flashy ensemble after the other until, exhausted but victorious he at last entered the ballroom of the United States Hotel in faultless evening attire”

So I guess to be a dude in the 1880’s you had to dress like the above gentleman.

Now it seems that a lot of “dudes” look like this:


Which do you prefer? I think I almost prefer the first “Dude”.

My son calls me “Dude” sometimes and I always end up laughing. It sounds so funny to me to have some guy call his mom “Dude”. I think even Sarah has used the word when she has talked to me. I have had many of their friends say “Dude” to me too. I think it’s cool that they feel so comfortable with me that they can say ” Dude, Ma, that’s awesome”.

Most of their friends call me “Ma” or “Dude Ma”. Thank goodness, I don’t have to wear patent leather boots to my hips or change 40 times between breakfast and dinner to be cool.

This whole “Dude” thing got me thinking about a certain song.

In honor of “All The Young Dudes” I leave you with one of my favorite videos of one of my favorite singers:


Do you or your kids use the word “Dude”?

Lots Going On- Including Clutter!

I haven’t been blogging much or even answering your comments on my blog because so much is going on. I am going to continue blogging because I am a blogging whore or addict or whatever you want to call it but I have got to start packing. We move in three weeks. So if I seem scarce I am still here but packing. I can’t believe the time is closing in so fast.

I am looking forward to moving but I am not looking forward to packing. I want to take everything in my cluttered room but I know it all won’t fit in my new bedroom. My current bedroom is good sized and I have collected so much stuff (crap) in the past 21 months since my daughter de-cluttered it.

It was a guy in bed in this cartoon so I gave him a quick sex change and turned him into a woman.


I think the damn clutter fairy has a nest in my room. The bitch keeps me from throwing anything away. Fortunately she hasn’t gotten her evil clutches on my daughter. If I can’t chuck it Sarah can. I will have to leave the house or you will see me dumpster diving for stuff she throws away. All you will see is my legs sticking out of the dumpster.


The hardest problem is dealing with my extensive book collection. I really, really, don’t want to part with them. “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” OK, maybe I am being a little over dramatic but I love my books. Are you reading this Sarah?

Oh crap, I just found out why I’m fat. There is even a book on it.


Here is a quote from the author:

“Secondly, your home is a reflection of you, not just in some airy-fairy way, but in a real and tangible sense,” says Walsh. “It’s no accident that as our homes become more cluttered we’ve become fatter. It makes sense that if your kitchen is clean and organised and your fridge is well-stocked with ingredients for planned meals you’re more likely to cook and think about what you’re really putting into your body.”

Well, la di da!!! WTF does this all mean. If I de-clutter my room I will get thin or if I get thin my room will miraculously de-clutter itself.

Peter Walsh lives to conquer clutter! He’s the organisational guru on the US show Clean Sweep, a regular guest on the Oprah show and the voice of reason on his weekly radio program The Peter Walsh Show. When not aiding the de-cluttering of people’s lives, he lives in Los Angeles and Melbourne.”

This is all over the top for me. Maybe I should just get on the show “Clean Sweep” and let those suckers do all the work.

How many of you out there are clutter bugs?

Another Award I forgot About!

I need a memory transplant. JavaJunkee gave me this awesome award and I absolutely forgot about it. I even thanked her for it and forgot about that too. I may have no memory but evidently I have great blogging friends. JavaJunkee has one of my favorite blogs because she is a crazy woman like me. I just love craziness. I guess that’s why we are soul sisters. Someday she’s going to make a road trip and come to Massachusetts.  Thank you so much JJ.


Now, again, I have to pass it on. I’ve chosen another new blogging buddy, MV Obsession. This is a woman who knows and loves Martha’s Vineyard which is going to be my new island home. As she puts it she is a Vineyard-a-holic.   I’m learning  all about my new home to be from her.  She doesn’t live there now but she really loves the place and hopefully I will too.

Well, I think I covered all the awards.  Let me know if I forgot one.

I Took a Vacation! Awards!!!

…away from weight watchers and gained back 4.6 pounds. BUT__I am back on track. I missed the last three meetings but I went today, thank goodness. I sort of went nuts during the holidays–a downright sugar overload. I think I caught it quick before it got out of control.

I received some awards recently and am only now posting about them.. I am such a dumbass.. I should have done this before but for some unknown reason(actually my bad memory) I am doing it now.

First from Javaqueen. JavaQueen is one of my favorite, no nonsense, bloggers. She doesn’t take any shit and we love her honesty. To me, honesty is one of the most important things. Just tell me like it is. Thank you so much JQ. You are the bomb and I say that only in a good way. Love Ya!!!


Next one is from my favorite bead lady and that is The Bead Den. This lady can work her fingers with those beads. She also writes about lots of other cool stuff including politics and this woman loves Christmas. She gave me so many great ideas for Christmas crafts this year. I thank her very much for this award.


The last one is from Crone and Bear It. She is one of my newest blog buddies. She has a great sense of humor and blogs about everything. Like me she is retired and loving it. I look forward to getting to know her better. I would also like to thank her a lot for this award.


Now I am supposed to pass these on. I sometimes don’t like to do that because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I am going to pass these on. If I don’t pick you this time I am sure I will pick you sometime. You know I love ya!!

The first one, The Gold Card award, I pass on to Little Miss Sew & Sew. She is the sweetest, most awesome and understanding lady around. She has also inspired me with her weight loss efforts. She is one hot mama! She also sews up a storm.

The second award, The Butterfly Award ,I pass on to the newly married, beautiful Birdpress. What a sweetheart she is. Always a nice word for everybody. I am really happy to call her a friend.

The last award, The One Lovely Blog Award, I pass on to Teeni. I know she gets awards a lot but she deserves every single one and I know you will all agree with me. You can’t help but love her wonderfulness. You can always count on her if you need a friend to talk to.

Well with that done I am going to stop here. All that linking is hard work. Ha! Ha! I’m watching “Field of Dreams” for the umpteenth time. I love that movie.