Baby Shower Photos

The baby shower was wonderful.  I don’t have all the photos yet but the following are the best so far.

Guess Who!   I love tie dye!


I hope the baby does too.


Sarah & Damon.  Damon drove up from Florida in 2 days.


I had a special cake made. Isn’t it beautiful.  A friend of my daughter’s made it. Her name is

Kallie.  She has a website :   Kallie’s Cakes.


Sarah & I spent 3 nights making the cookies!


The gang!!


The happy Mom & Dad!!


I had all the children who attended paint some baby T-shirts and onesies which Sarah will use to

to decorate the baby’s room.


Me and my girls!!



I’m up for a makeover!

I don’t usually post rants but I have to say this.  The following are before and after photos of the singing sensation, Susan Boyle,  who was discovered by the TV show ” Britain’s Got Talent”.





I have been reading comments about this transformation on various websites.  I am amazed at what some people have to say.  Personally, I think she has a wonderful voice and why wouldn’t she want to have a make over.  I know I would. Many people are actually putting her down for doing this.  Some say by doing this she is not being herself.  Of course, she is still herself.  You don’t change just because you had your eyebrows shaped and your hair done.

I used to get  a haircut every 6 months because I was too cheap to pay for going more often.  Now I get a haircut every 8 weeks be cause of my daughter’s generosity.  Do I like this better?  Hell Yes!  We know nothing about this woman’s thoughts and why she does what she does and it’s none of our business.   I don’t know where people get off criticizing someone like they have  with this woman and her makeover business.  Give the lady a break.  She probably just wants to change her look.

Anyone out there want to give me a makeover, be my guest.  Maybe I’ll even sing for you.

3D Photos of Baby!!!

On Monday We went to Precious Baby Imaging and got to see the baby in 3D/4D.  It was amazing.  Meet my granddaughter.



Hand in the mouth


The room was filled with people as Sarah lay there and the technician scanned her tummy.  Eight of us watched with baited breath as the baby moved inside the womb.  We were seeing the baby move right before our eyes on a big screen.  She even got the hiccups.   She didn’t really want to cooperate because she kept smooshing her face into the wall of the uterus.  We got 42 still photos plus the DVD showing her movements for about 30 minutes.

It was absolutely amazing to watch her move. She would move her hands and cover her mouth.  She seemed to be constantly on the move.  Sarah is now 33 weeks along.  That leaves  seven weeks to go.  The time has gone by so fast.  Her baby shower is Sunday.  I’ll post photos of course.  It’s a pot luck and we have invited whole families.  Sarah wanted more of a get together than a shower.

I have to go into town and get the mail.  Maybe there will be another buddy.

LuLu Comes to Visit! She Will Never Be the Same!

LuLu got here late Saturday afternoon.  We spent a quiet evening.  On Sunday we watched TV and spent a quiet day.  We needed our energy because Monday we were going to have a big day off island.   Monday morning I did a dumbass thing. I walked out the door and forgot poor LuLu.  It wasn’t until I was on the boat that I remembered I had left her outside grazing.

I felt so bad forgetting her.   When I got home I rushed into the house and I found her locked in my bedroom.  She was under the bed trembling in her hooves. I coaxed her out from under the bed and she told me she had seen a bat flying around the house at dusk.  She went in the house and the bat started banging on the closed windows.   LuLu didn’t mind cowbirds but she hated bats.


LuLu was convinced the bat would turn into a vampire and suck all the blood right out of her. I told her she shouldn’t worry because vampires prey on humans.  She told me she had watched a movie and the vampires in it preyed on animals.  I could tell she was really frightened.  I think she expected this vampire to show up and get her.


Then the wind came up and it started to thunder and lightning. Lulu trembled as she sat close to the only light in the room.


The light created scary shadows on the wall and Lulu trembled even more.


Then a witch flew down and attacked Lulu or at least tried to.  Lulu ducked and the witch missed her mark.


LuLu asked the scaredy cat what to do but he  was no help.  He was more afraid than Lulu.


Then the angel appeared and protected Lulu from harm.


Finally Lulu fell asleep next to Yoda who will have nothing to do with buddies after being spurned by YooHoo.


It Could Only Happen At Wal-Mart

The title of this post says it all.


Clean up on Aisle 7!

Workers at a Wal-Mart in Wisconsin used shopping carts to corral an emu running around the store’s parking lot after escaping from a nearby farm.

A manager then fed the large, flightless bird – named Myron – grapes and apples to calm him down until his owner arrived to take him home.

Girl stung by scorpion in Wal-Mart

Another reason for us to not shop at Wal-Mart. A 12-year-old girl was stung by a scorpion while shopping in her local Wal-Mart’s produce section.

Megan Templeton, of Barboursville, was taken to the hospital as a precaution but later released. Her father, William Templeton, said the pain was a little worse than a bee sting.

He initially didn’t believe his daughter when she said she had been stung by a scorpion, but then he saw the critter scurry underneath a box. It was captured by Wal-Mart employees.

Most of the nearly 2,000 kinds of scorpions are not dangerous to humans

April 18: Parolee Allegedly Leaves Meth at Wal-Mart Counter

How’s this for a tip: Daniel Santos Ramirex, a 54-year-old parolee allegedly left nine baggies of methamphetamine and his wallet at the counter at Wal-Mart.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Video embarrasment for Walmart  (notice embarrassment is misspelled)

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, faces embarrassment and potential lawsuits after its corporate video archive was made public. Flagler Productions, which worked for Wal-Mart for almost 30 years, has made its footage available to lawyers, unions and media organisations.

The archive includes clips of male store managers parading in drag. Wal-Mart dropped Flagler in 2006 and only offered the firm $500,000 for the video library. Flagler had asked for $150m before reducing its price to $145m, according to a letter on Wal-Mart’s website.

The footage captures Wal-Mart executives and employees in closed meetings and unguarded moments. A lawyer stumbled on the archive when representing a 12-year-old boy who suffered extensive burns after a gas canister bought at Wal-Mart exploded.

She found footage of employees joking and playing skits about exploding gas cans, reports said.

Flagler says that since Wal-Mart never signed a contract for its services, the rights to the tapes still belong to the production company.



Wild Turkeys and Other Stuff

I can’t believe the number of wild turkeys on this island.  I was just sitting in my room with the window open and I heard a turkey gobbling in the yard.  I also can’t believe how many domesticated turkeys drive cars but that’s for another day.

Here’s what it sounded like.  There is a 15 second add before the video which is short but funny.

My knee is healing nicely.  It’s healing so well that I can finally drive which makes me very happy.

The kids went to the mainland to a concert for the weekend so I am alone today.  When I got up this morning this was on the kitchen table.  There really is an Easter Bunny.


There was no chocolate in the basket. 😦  I wouldn’t have eaten it.  I would have photographed it.

I finally realized that my head was empty because I haven’t left the house in a month.  Things will be changing.  I now can go out with all the turkeys and find some good old dumbasses.

My son is doing well in St. Augustine, Florida.  He has a house on the beach and has a job which he likes.  He says he’s put on 15 pounds.  The restaurant he works for is a mom and pop owned place and they give him tons of food every time he works.  He’s going to send me a photo and I will post it.

The good weather is coming which means we will soon be losing most of the island to the tourists.   The population goes from 15,000 to 75,000 in the summer and that doesn’t include the thousands of day trippers.  Just over half the houses on the island are only occupied in the summer.


Well, that’s all I’ve got for today.

Driving in my Car

I was going to start out this post explaining how I can’t wait to drive my car again, actually it’s Sarah’s car but whatever.  I hate being stuck in the house. I appreciate Sarah taking me out on Sunday but it’s just not the same as popping into the car and taking a drive by the beach listening to my favorite  song  playing  full blast.  Now the key word in the last sentence is song.

What is your favorite song to play when you are just cruising around in your ride?

I have quite a few but this is one of my favorites.  This is the second time I post this song.

This song reminds me of the wasband and I (stoned out of our minds) tooling around in his Corvair convertible at the beach.  The wind in my hair, the salty beach smell—YES

One more for good measure. 1969,  the year I got married

I might not be driving a convertible anymore but that’s OK.  I just want to drive.

Word Of The Day (filed under things I don’t get)


What do you think of when you see that word?   I think of fat men. I’m just being honest here.  I don’t think of fat women.  Fat men get to be described as portly.  Fat women get to be described as fat women.  What’s up with that?

“Fat bastards” help other portly men lose weight

I saw the above article about portly men and it got me thinking about the word.  The following is a definition of the portly:

  1. Comfortably stout; corpulent.
  2. Archaic. Stately; majestic; imposing.

Give me a freakin’ break.  Not only are fat men portly they are comfortably stout and they are usually considered gentlemen and now they are stately?   Yes, you’re damn right that’s archaic.


synonyms for FAT: fat, obese, corpulent, fleshy, portly, stout, pudgy, rotund, plump, chubby. These adjectives mean having an abundance and often an excess of flesh. Fat implies excessive weight and generally has negative connotations: was getting fat and decided to exercise. Obese and corpulent imply gross overweight: “a woman of robust frame . . . though stout, not obese” (Charlotte Brontë). The dancer was corpulent but surprisingly graceful. Fleshy implies a not necessarily excessive abundance of flesh: firm, fleshy arms. Portly refers to bulk combined with a stately or imposing bearing: “a portly, rubicund man of middle age” (Winston Churchill). Stout denotes a thickset, bulky figure: a painting of stout peasants. Pudgy means short and fat: pudgy fingers. Rotund suggests roundness of figure, often in a squat person: “this pink-faced rotund specimen of prosperity” (George Eliot). Plump and chubby apply to a pleasing fullness of figure: a plump little toddler; chubby cheeks.

Who would have thought there were so many words for fat.

So from now on I’m not going to consider myself fat.  I am woman!! I am Fleshy!  I don’t know if fleshy is any better but it sounds a little more sexy than fat.

Nothing In My Head

I think that inactivity is a dumbing down of the brain.  I haven’t been able to do much with the knee thing, back thing, ass thing going on and I’m really feeling stupid.  There just doesn’t seem to be much going on in the deep recesses of my cerebellum. Couch potatoes must be morons.


I started doing stuff last week, cooking mostly and dishes but was told by my visiting nurse and Sarah  not do so much and ask for help.  I don’t know why but I hate asking for help.  As Sarah used to say when she was little  “I do it by myself”.


I find it odd that with such an empty head you would think I would be able to remember things better.  There’s not so much to get in the way of my memory but alas my memory still sucks.

Anyway, I’m trying to think of activities besides reading and television to get my brain going again. Knitting and puzzles just don’t cut it for me right now. I’m thinking I might try my hand at art.

Art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. (Wiki)

That sentence is way over my empty brain.  The question is “What appeals to one person may not appeal to another.”  So if it doesn’t appeal to everyone is it still art?  I actally don’t know what I am writing about anymore.

I have this watercolor kit I bought a while back.  I think I may try my hand at. I just wish I didn’t draw like a 5 year old.

I really have no idea what this post is about.  Oh, so if I arranged chocolate on a plate would that be art.  It sure appeals to my senses and emotions.

The Adventures of Douglas the Bad Ass Dragon!

We last left Douglas in my room as he faced, head on , Sir George, The  Knight of Kimin Cov.  At the same moment Yoda jumped on Sir George’s back because George happened to be closest to the window that Yoda wanted to sit by to watch birds.  This disturbance gave Douglas the chance to skip out the door slamming it behind him.  Douglas was a guest and I was sworn to protect him but I also didn’t want to see Sir George hurt. I followed Douglas through the door to try to reason with him.  I had read the histories of knights and dragons and I knew they were mortal enemies.  What was I thinking allowing Douglas to visit here?  George was used to the resident dragons but a new dragon was too much for him to bear.

There had been some dissension among the ranks in my room brewing for weeks.  The resident dragons and wizards were tired of Sir George’s bossy ways.  They all gathered and snuck out of my room into the kitchen to meet with Douglas.  They had been told of a prophecy many, many years ago that foretold  the coming of a fiery red dragon who would appear and save them from having to do Sir George’s bidding. (i.e.,  getting George snacks at night, dusting him, listening to him blather about his past deeds).

They immediately assumed Douglas was there to save them.  Douglas, not the kind to disappoint,  agreed to help them.  They all gathered together, dragons, wizards, gargoyles and skunks to face the oppressive Sir George.

The Gathering


Douglas  travels through the gates of Muldaur.


Yoda and I gleefully waiting to see what happens!


The skunks and gargoyles prepare for battle.


Douglas consults the Oracle


Luigi screaming his battle cry


Oscar the wizard practicing his flame throwing


George running out the front door in fear


George slinking back home in shame. The fight was a bust but I was happy that no one got hurt and George has learned to treat the resident wizards and dragons with respect. He looks very pale.


Sarah and Douglas relaxing at the beach


Douglas, enjoying the freebies at the Scottish Bakehouse


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