Giveaway from “The Girl From The Ghetto”

Who doesn’t like to win free stuff?   If you answered that you don’t like to win free stuff then get off my blog ’cause you must be a little crazy.

My friend  “Girl From The Ghetto”  is giving away lots of free stuff.  I  just entered one of her giveaways  today.

Yes, the giveaway is for the above book.   It is written by New York Times best-selling author Deborah Diesen.    I’m sure it would make a wonderful Christmas present.

While you are visiting  The Girl From the Ghetto  you should check out her other giveaways.  She has lots of stuff to give away.


Sexual Deviants Kitten Party

If you landed on this page from a search engine you more than likely don’t like sexual deviants,  or,  you are one.  If you are one get the fuck off my blog because all you’re going to get here is a rant or a recipe depending on what kind of day I’ve had.

Today was a good day but you can forget about the recipe because I did.

Now that we have all of this trivial stuff out-of-the-way I can get on with telling you that I had a pretty good day today.  Lilah and I went to the library where she played with a 2-year-old boy and later told me she thought he was cute.  She also thinks broccoli is cute.  You figure it out.

I made her lunch.  She took a nap.  We watched a movie we got from the library called “Kitten Party”.  The title says it all.  You get to see 8 real live kittens running around the floor playing with cat toys for an hour.  It is narrated by a very annoying man.   We both got bored.  Me after 4 1/2 minutes but Lilah gave it a good 10 minutes before she wandered away.

Oh,  great idea.  I am going to add  “Kitten Party”  to the title to see how many hits this post gets.

The idea of the movie was good because kittens can be so cute and funny but these kittens were BORING or else the photographer sucked.  Either way I give it 1 star.

Oh,  don’t Google the title of this post.  I just did and you get some pretty nasty stuff.   That will change after I post this I assume.