Am I Crazy?

I’m thinking I might be crazy or I wouldn’t be disappointed because   Hurricane Earl is losing strength.  I don’t want some killer storm.  I don’t want anyone hurt or to lose their home, etc, etc.  I just like a good storm. 

I love that we will all hunker down and hopefully play Trivial Pursuit.  I’ll somehow cook a good meal and we will turn something negative into a good thing.   Tomorrow morning I will make Greek Stifado.  We have a gas stove so we should be able to heat it up in the evening when the hurricane hits.  Greek Stifado is a fabulous dish. You have to like onions, wine and beef and if you do you will love this.  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

It seems to me that when you lose electricity everyone sort of bands together.   It’s very boring to sit in the dark alone but when you are all together you can make it a fun thing.  I was disappointed that the wasband and Leslie wouldn’t be here.  To me the more the merrier.

My fondest memories are of blizzards with the kids going out to sled while I roast a chicken in the oven.  That is a tradition for us. SNOW = roast chicken with stuffing and gravy, mashed potatoes, corn,  butternut squash and biscuits.  Sarah still loves it when it snows and I roast a chicken.

The more I write the more I realize that when there is bad weather we all join together and spend time together.  I think that is why I love storms so much.

Wow, I just saved a lot of money for therapy sessions.  Maybe I am not crazy.



Whatever I Think and right now I am thinking HURRICANE!

It looks like this hurricane is definitely going to shake things up around here.  I just watched the weather and it seems we will see some hurricane winds the way things are going now but we are prepared.  Today I bought water and snack foods (all weight watcher approved).  If I am going to sit around all evening and watch a hurricane in the dark I need my snacks.

I got my FF Pringles that give you diarrhea.  I have my lentil chips and High Fiber Wheat Thins. I got some baby food for the baby though she hasn’t eaten much baby food ever because she eats what we eat.  I just felt I should have it on hand. I think Healthy Choice makes pasta bowls that don’t need refrigeration, just hot water.  I’ll check that out tomorrow.  We have a grill so we can heat up water and cook as much food as we can from the fridge.  I must have my coffee.  I’m just concerned in case we lose electricity for a long period of time. 

My biggest concern is losing the internet.  I’d give up my food to keep the internet but if we lose electricity I guess I lose the internet.  I should still get the internet on my IPhone but  I won’t be able to recharge that.


I guess we will know more tomorrow.

Hurricane Earl

I guess Earl is headed our way.   We won’t really know how close he is going to get until Thursday night.  I know they are already pulling boats out of the water.  It seems the summer is going to end early around here.   Tourists would normally stay through Labor Day but it seems many are going to leave early.

The last hurricane to give us a lot of damage was Hurricane Bob in 1991.  I was divorced at the time and Sarah and Damon were 12 and 10 years old.  It was just the three of us. I thought about leaving and going to my sister’s house one street over but decided to wait it out at home.  Just as well she had a tree land on her house and I didn’t.   I could hear the tall skinny white pines falling down all over the street.  There were a lot of them.  I guess that’s why they called my street White Pine Lane.  One also fell on the house across the street from us. 

At one point it got so bad that we went in the basement.  Damon fell asleep.  He would always fall asleep when he was scared.  When the eye of the storm was over us we stepped outside for a few minutes.  Most of the neighbors came out too.  A tree across the street fell even though there wasn’t any wind.  Everyone started running  to their respective homes.

By evening it was over with and we decided to take a ride into town to make sure my store was still standing..  Wow, we were dumbfounded at all the trees and wires that were down. We finally had to go back home because so many streets were blocked with trees and branches.

We lost our electricity for a full week.  Without electricity we had no water ( we had an electric water pump), and no stove.  I had filled up the bathtub so we could use the water to flush the toilet.  We cooked on a camp stove and at night I had kerosene lanterns.  Every night the three of us would play cards and games.  We had a cooler that we had to fill every day with ice that was 10 times the normal price.   We lost all of our food in the fridge.   Fortunately, I had my health food store so we had all the water and dry goods we could possibly want.


Well, It is what it is.