Monday WW Meeting/Crazy Comment/Recipe/And Whatever Else I Can Think Of

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The above came in as a comment today on my last post.   Do these people who write these comments really expect that we will post them or visit their websites or do anything other than press DELETE as fast as we can?

I know you probably get the same ones but it just makes me laugh when you see the misspelled words and poor grammar.

I LOST 2 POUNDS THIS PAST WEEK.  ( Why is the 2 so little?)

 DAY 14-I didn’t post last night but I kept within the bounds of points.

Day 15

  • coffee    1
  • Lunch at a restaurant     sushi 5,   1/2  grilled chicken sandwich (which was overcooked)  4
  • yogurt   1
  • supper   Asian pineapple chicken–recipe to follow  9

total 20 points so I can have a few snacks later

Asian pineapple chicken recipe

 Cut  3 boneless, skinless.  raw,  chicken breasts  into bite size pieces

       saute with a small amount of oil until cooked through and put aside

Meanwhile cook 1 cup of dry white basmati rice in Fat Free chicken broth or water  (  1 cup rice to 2 cups water– add rice to boiling broth or water and turn down heat to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes.  Don’t stir or lift cover during cooking. After 10 minutes turn off heat and let sit for at least 10 minutes. 

In the meantime saute 1 medium sliced onion in a small amount of olive oil until soft,  add 1 medium zucchini sliced into thin slices and quartered, add about 6 or 7 crimini or baby bella mushrooms sliced.  Saute until zucchini is soft.   Add cooked chicken to  vegetables.

Open can of pineapples ( 20 oz. can packed in pineapple juice.   Drain juice and put juice  in a bowl.  Add the pineapples to chicken & veggies.

To the bowl of pineapple juice add  1TBL cornstarch, 1 TBL soy sauce, 1 TBL fresh ginger or crushed ginger in a jar (not ginger powder) mix thoroughly and add to chicken  and veggies.

Simmer until the sauce starts to thicken.

  Spray 2 1/2 quart casserole  dish  with olive oil or Pam.   Layer cooked rice in the bottom of  casserole dish.    Pour chicken/vegetable  stuff on top.  Cook , covered, in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes to blend flavors.


Wow, I hope I didn’t screw up the recipe when I typed it.  Any questions I will answer.  It is actually easy to make and very tasty.

Today Sarah and the baby and I met friends who came over on the boat to visit.  We went to lunch where I didn’t eat the french fries which came with my sandwich.

  • coffee   1
  • lunch restaurant/   sushi  5
  • grilled chicken sandwich  4  (very dry)
  • yogurt   1
  • supper  Asian pineapple chicken  9
  • Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich   3

I’m sure I am forgetting something but OH WELL!


Days 12 & 13/ Houseguest/ No Obama Sightings For Me

I wish I had something more exciting to write about then what I ate for the last two days but not much is going on. Actually, now that I think of it we do have a house guest for the next 4 or 5 weeks.  Joe is a friend of my son-in-law and is here because my SIL has been working so many hours.  Last week he worked 82 hours in a week.  He is a foreman for a company that rents and puts up tents for weddings and such.  His company also rents all the dinner ware and anything else you might need for an outdoor wedding.  The Vineyard is a destination wedding  location and some of the weddings are fabulous. The followings I grabbed from the website of the company he works for.

Anyway, Obie needed help for September so his friend, Joe offered to help.  He has to stay with us because at this time of year there aren’t any rooms left to rent.  Fortunately, he is very nice, quiet and he LOVES my cooking. 

Well, now you know about my SIL’s work and now you know I really haven’t done much if I am writing about his work.

Day 12

I didn’t have time to post yesterday but I used 32 points so I have to deduct 2 from my 35 extra weekly points.

Day 13

  • breakfast 5
  • coffee          2
  • lunch Lean Cuisine pizza  7
  • yogurt     1
  • supper/  turkey burger with reduced fat cheddar on an Alvarado roll,  Popchips.  10
  • ice cream    3   

Total 28 points

I never did get to see the Obamas.

Day 11

No time so I will just write what I bite.

  • Breakfast sandwich     5
  • Lean Cuisine  pizza    7
  • glass of lemonade   2
  • supper  Chicken Florentine   12
  • snack ice cream 2
  • vitamuffin with FF whipped cream   4
  • lentil chips and cottage cheese  3

total 35 points  so I am taking 5 points from my weekly 35 extra points

Day 10/ I am bored with the Obamas!

I am getting bored with the Obamas.  He plays golf, she goes to lunch, the kids read books, they go to dinner, they go to the beach.  BLAH BLAH BLAH!  I need a new family to follow. I need a family that actually has fun on vacation.  Sorry Mr. President but you are boring. I wonder if you are actually having fun with your family? 

One of my friends happened to be at Nancy’s Restaurant on the Oak Bluffs harbor today.  Guess who showed up?  If you can’t answer this it’s time we part as friends.  She took photos.

This is a restaurant that Sarah and I have been to a quite a  few times.  The food is good, the view is great  and the service is wonderful.  I wonder what they ate?  I like the fish and chips which I can’t eat on WW.  OK no more about food I can’t eat

  • breakfast sandwich 5
  • coffee 2
  • lunch  6  lunch was a sandwich using Alvaredo Buns, Cajun turkey, low-fat cheddar
  • yogurt 1  WW yogurt
  • supper 10  I made beef stew tonight

24 points so far

  Recipe Slow cooker Beef Stew

I use about 1 1/2 pounds of top round which I cut into bite size pieces.  Top round is low fat as far as beef is concerned.

I use potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans,  carrots, onions, organic beef broth, Muir Glen fire roasted diced tomatoes, freshly cracked pepper, and herbs de Provence. 

I cooked it on low in  the crock pot for 8 hours.

Day 9/ More Obama Stuff

I can’t believe I’ve gotten through nine days of weight watchers already.  I’ve been spending the evenings going through cookbooks for recipes.  I just wish doing that didn’t make me so hungry. 

 The Obamas are still hanging  around here.  They went to dinner at the State Road Restaurant tonight.  I know this because our local newspaper is on Facebook and posts everything they find out about where the Obamas might be. This restaurant is considered one of the best fine dining restaurant on the island.  That’s probably why I have never been there.  I also know that a hamburger is $19.00 there.  I could make them a damn good burger for about $2 bucks.  One thing on their side is they use organic vegetables grown on the island and of course the seafood is locally caught. 

One of three of their dining rooms.

Don’t ask me why I’m so interested in the Obamas because I really don’t have an answer.  I think more than anything I am just nosey. I am also bored and it gives me something to do other than think about all the food I would like to eat..  So there you have it. Now it is time for what I ate today.

Day 9

  • breakfast sandwich   5 points
  • coffee 1 point
  • lunch Lean Cuisine pizza  8 points
  • yogurt 1 point
  • supper     Lean Cuisine 6 points
  • homemade  weird pizza  4 points
  • Vitamuffin and FF whipped cream  3 points
  • lentil chips and ncottage cheese  3 points
  • chocolate pudding 1 point
  • ice cream 2 points

total 34 points  I have to deduct 4 points from my 35 points leaving me 31

Monday’s Weight Watcher Meeting 6.4 / Nor’easter/ Day 8

Today we are having a Nor’Easter. It’s rainy, cool, and very windy. Personally, I love Nor’Easters.  The winds can gust up to 50 or 60 MPH .  We usually go down to the beach because the waves are so beautiful.  The traffic is worse than usual because the tourists are bored. 

I did have to somewhere in this rainy weather.  I had to go to the Weight Watchers meeting.  I lost 6.4 pounds.  Yes you read that correctly.  Granted some of it was water weight but I don’t care.  It’s 6.4 pounds I don’t have to deal with.

I will post what I ate tonight.  Now I have to go watch True Blood.  Nothing like watching a vampire ripping at someone’s flesh to take your mind off food.

Day 8

  • breakfast sandwich  5 points
  • coffee 2 points
  • yogurt  1 point
  • Lean Cuisine pizza 8 points
  • supper ziti 8 points
  • lentil chips and cottage cheese  3 points
  • weight watchers 2 points
  • pudding 1

total points  30

Weight Watchers and Humor

Weight Watchers and Humor!!  I was wondering how I could insert humor in posts about weight watchers.  To be honest, I don’t find much humor in not being able to eat pizza.  Oh sure, I can eat a Lean Cuisine pizza for 7 points but I use to be able to down a whole Paul’s Pizza, the best pizza on Cape Cod.  I also don’t find humor in not being able to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.  Not only that, if I use up all my points and I am still hungry, I stay hungry.

You get where I am going with this.  Where is the humor in weight watchers?  I think I am going to put finding the humor on the top of my list of things to do.  Why? Because if I can find humor in losing weight I might be able to reach my goal.

Now here is a weight watcher joke.


Personally, I didn’t laugh.  Well, maybe just a snicker.

So not only do I have to find dumbasses now I have to find weight humor.   Well, at least it will keep me busy and if I am busy I tend not to eat.

OK, I snickered a little more with this one.

Day 7/The Agricultural Fair/ No Obamas

Sarah and I took Lilah to the county fair today.   We now know Lilah doesn’t like cows.  I suppose we better not tell her that milk comes from cows.  I had to take 10 MGs of prednisone so I could  stay on my feet and walk around.  I hate taking it but I figure once in a while can’t be too bad if for a short while it lets me have a little less pain.  The fair was fun.  The only thing I ate was a cheeseburger.  Not too bad since I was surrounded by foods of all kinds of foods screaming at me as I walked by.  We also got to see the healthy foods too.

Haven’t heard anything about the Obamas today.  It was a raw drizzly sort of day.  I made baked Ziti which the kids love and then settled down to watch True Blood.

  • breakfast sandwich  5 points
  • cheeseburger   10 points
  • ziti  8 points worth
  • Fat Free frozen yogurt from Tisberry, the new Frozen yogurt shop.    4 points

total 27 points

Days 5 & 6/ The Obama Family Visits My Town

I couldn’t post yesterday because I had no internet.  It was terrible.  Thank goodness I have an Iphone.  At least I could check e-mail but it would have taken forever to write a post  here.

The Obama family showed up on Main Street in my town.  They went to the  Bunch of Grapes Book Store.  They closed off all of Main Street.   My daughter called to tell me he was there but I was napping with the baby.  She did get a photo of the crowd.  The second photo is a press photo.

OK, now that the Obamas are out of the way I will get on to what I ate yesterday.  Actually, I’m not going to list everything because I don’t remember everything I ate but I kept within the poins I was allowed.

DAY 6 today

  • breakfast sandwich 5 points
  • coffee 3 points
  • lunch  Lean Cuisine  7 points
  • supper/  I made a rice, chicken, corn & peas casserole  7 points.  I won’t leave you the recipe.  Just look on the can of Campbell’s cream of chicken soup.
  • snack  lentil chips and cottage cheese  4 points

total 30 points

The Obamas Arrive, Day 4

I was feeding Lilah this afternoon when I heard two helicopters over the house.  I knew they were on their way to the airport.  I whisked the baby out of her high chair and we dashed to the car.  We drove towards Ally’s General Store where I knew everyone would gather to see the motorcade.  Unfortunately we missed it by 2 minutes.

Normally this particular road isn’t very busy even in the summer but not today.  At least when Lilah is older she will proudly be able to say “When I was one year old I missed seeing the president”  They are going to be here for 10 days so maybe we will see them.  I actually am more interested in photographing the hordes who come to see the President. 

Day 4

  • breakfast sandwich   5 points
  • coffee  2 points
  • yogurt   1 point
  • bites of Lilah’s supper:  I am giving myself 1 point though I doubt it is even that much.  She has a hummus sandwich on Naan bread with avocado.  I, at least had to taste it.
  • Supper:  I cooked a new WW recipe that wasn’t bad but it needs some work.   I had it with a new flatbread called FlatOut. This stuff is great at two points.  You can make sandwiches and even pizza which I am going to try.  14 for the recipe because I had two servings and 2 for the flatbread.  I actually think the recipe should be 6 points because I used Fiber One cottage cheese which is less than the regular.
  • snack:  Smart Ones peanut butter sunday 3 points
  • snack:  lentil chips and cottage cheese 3
  •  Vita brownie and whipped cream 2

Total 33 points so I will deduct 3 from my 35 extra points

The recipe

    Beef and Vegetable Cheese Casserole
    POINTS: 7
    INSTRUCTIONS1 spray(s) cooking spray
    2 medium tomato(es), sliced
    2 medium zucchini, sliced
    12 oz raw lean ground beef
    1 large onion(s), finely chopped
    2 medium garlic clove(s), minced
    1 cup(s) canned tomato sauce
    2 cup(s) fat-free cottage cheese
    1 large egg yolk(s)
    1/2 cup(s) low-fat shredded cheddar cheese
    1 Tbsp parsley, oregano or rosemary, chopped
    1/8 tsp table salt, or to taste
    1/8 tsp black pepper, or to taste

      Preheat oven to 500ºF. Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray and spread tomatoes and zucchini over sheet. Roast vegetables for 10 to 12 minutes.Meanwhile, in a large, nonstick skillet, sauté beef, onion and garlic until beef is browned. Stir in tomato sauce and bring to a simmer.Spread beef mixture in a large, shallow baking dish (3 quart or 9 X 13-inches) and top with roasted vegetables. Reduce oven temperature to 350ºF.Whisk together cottage cheese, egg yolk, cheddar cheese, herbs, salt and pepper in a medium bowl. Spoon over roasted vegetables and smooth with a rubber spatula.

      Bake until very hot and bubbling around edges, about 35 minutes. Cut into six equal pieces and serve immediately. (Note: If preparing casserole in advance and freezing it, make sure to thaw it completely in the refrigerator before baking it. Increase the baking time by 5 to 10 minutes.)


The recipe definitely needs work.  One serving for me wasn’t enough.  Fortunately I didn’t have lunch so I was able to have two   servings.  Next time I would layer in more vegetables and season the ground beef.  Sarah and I both think it is worth trying again with the changes.

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