Weight Watcher Saturday!! HooRah!!! And Toilets!!

Do you know there are actually people who fear toilets?  How the hell do you deal with that? I couldn’t even find a name for it.  I did find a forum and read a few people’s comments about their irrational fears of being sucked into a toilet, toilet germs (I might have that fear a little),  and various other toilet problems.

The National Phobics Society estimates at least four million Brits are affected – but the true number could be many more.  What do you think “Wonderful Di”?  Do you have friends afflicted with this fear in your beautiful England?

Ancient Hindu science texts say that toilets have
accumulated static electricity with them.

“Similar problems occur when insulating liquids, such as certain fuels, are pumped along pipes, and it is essential that strict grounding procedures are followed during the refueling of aircraft, ships, and other large vehicles.”


Some persons who are excessively sensitive to that
static electricity develop fear of toilets. Such
persons can go to the country side and try
in the open fields. They will know the difference.

Here is a check for it. Such persons will also have
fear of garbage trucks. The reason is, garbage
also contains static electricity.

As I read the stuff in red I’m thinking someone’s been drinking too much toilet water.

Anyway, this is all just stuff I was thinking about at weight watcher’s this morning. My wonderful leader was talking about dancing to help lose weight.  Let’s face it, I’m not going to be doing too much dancing in the near future so my mind wandered a little.   And you wonder why I call my blog “Whatever I Think”.

On a different note, I lost 2.6 pounds this week. I’m back on track.  Back to the dancing, we didn’t talk about pole dancing which is considered great exercise from what I hear.  Now I wonder if I could do that.  I’d have the pole to hang onto so I don’t fall on my ass.

I still think I’d end up on my ass!!!

OR,  should I settle for this when I get my new knees?  Is this more my style?

Such decisions to have to make.

They Finally Did It!! An Ass Airbag!!

Designed by the Japanese company Prop,  the protective airbags, placed behind the head and hips,  inflate in fractions of a second if a possible backwards fall is detected by the wearer.

Why didn’t I have one of these when I broke my ass 9 months ago.  Probably because the Japanese only came out with it this week.  Also because it costs $1400.00.  Now I thought the newscaster said it cost $14.95 but I think she screwed up because I did research on the net and it definitely is $1400.00.  At $14.95–YES– at $1400.00–NO–.  On second thought though,  my ass still hurts.  I’m thinking of having it X-Rayed. I know they say broken asses take a long time to heal but this is asinine (15th century word meaning an utterly dumbass thing).

I would have a good ass right now if I had that ass airbag on when I fell. I should sue them for not inventing it earlier and selling it to me cheaper.

Here is a must see video of how it works!!!

Unfortunately, after all is said and done, you fall forward and you’re screwed!!

Check This Out!! “Crazy Talk With Joan” at The Bead Den!!

The Bead Den has been working on a new program on her computer.  You take a still photo and make the lips move and give it facial expressions and then dub in the voice.  I let her use me as a test subject.  It is hilarious.  It is so funny to see my photo on You Tube but her voice coming out of it,  my lips moving and in sync with her voice and my eyes blinking.  Here is a link.  She calls it “Crazy Talk With Joan”.  It’s crazy alright but I love it.

I’ve been really busy this week trying to get all of Damon’s affairs in order so he can move to South Carolina. Now I find out he lost his debit card along with everything else. I’ve thought of just laminating everything and super-gluing it to his body like a tattoo.  We’ve also been hanging out together a lot.  I don’t know when I will see him again once he leaves.

I’ve been cooking up a storm.  I can’t believe how much 5 adults eat.  Especially when 3 of them are hungry men. I went to the grocery store yesterday with my brother and I bought broccoli for one meal. My brother asked me why I was buy so much.  Ha!  There wasn’t one drop left over. We had it with Jerk Beef on Jasmine Basmati rice.  I told my wasband it was named after him.  I’m glad he can take a joke.

Today I am cooking in the crock pot again.  This time it is Orange and Dijon Pork Chops.  It’s a new recipe.  I hope they like it.  Tough luck if they don’t!! 🙂

It hasn’t been cooking long so it doesn’t look that good yet!!

I do miss my routine though. I get up in the morning and my son is on the computer so no blogging for me.  I try to get on in the afternoon and the wasband is on.  I try to get on at night and the boys are in the living room watching sports or playing Texas Hold Em’.

I will miss my son when he leaves but I will look forward to my routine of blogging and hunting down dumbasses.  There will be a lot less of them now that the tourists are going home. That’s good in some ways but who can I laugh at.  Oh, the wasband is home during the week.  I always have him. Only kidding, Wubby!!

Updates! WW Sucked but…! Awards!

This is my 200th Post!!!

Just a quick update.  I am having a great time with my son.  He is doing wonderful. Last night we all went out to dinner.   Me, Damon, Sarah and her hubby, wasband and girlfriend–the whole family. It was a wicked good time. The bad thing is that I forgot my camera.

I gained 1.6 pounds at Weight Watchers last week.  It’s weird though.  I went to the meeting and got this renewed dedication to the weight loss cause.  Damon even came with me and I was able to introduce him to the ladies. Not that he has to lose weight.  He needs to gain and has put on 4 pounds since he came home.

I always get this wonderful feeling in the Autumn.  I get more energy and want to do more. I love this time of year.

I was awarded two awesome awards this week. The first one comes “JavaQueen”. She is the most awesome woman. She tells it like it is.  She makes me laugh, she makes me think OMG (acronym for I can’t believe she wrote that but I love it) and she is a true friend.

There’s like rules and stuff that come with this one that I will deal with later.

I also received an award from the other Java Mama, “javajunkee”. She is another one that tells it like it is. She doesn’t hold anything back.  I don’t drink coffee anymore but I love this coffee junkee.  This  comes with “Lucy” whom I adore.

I want to thank my two “Java Mamas” for these awards.  I feel privileged to be considered their friend. I hope someday we can hang out together.


Oh, I almost forgot Damon was in a car accident yesterday.  Thank goodness for seat belts and air bags. He was a passenger in a car that was going through a light that had just turned green but a truck ran the red light and the car Damon was in T-boned the truck.  Damon got one scratch on his arm and that’s all.  No one else was hurt either. It could have been so much worse. He was on his way home from playing Frisbee Golf. The 2006 Jaguar he was in was totaled.

Tonight we are having a BBQ with one of my daughter’s best friends and her family.  She is visiting from Florida and then in October will be here for 6 months while her hubby goes to Iraq.  She has one beautiful 17 month old little girl.  So while everyone goes to the Sports Bar to watch the Patriots Game this afternoon I will be grocery shopping and cleaning.

Damon and I at Wal-Mart! Includes a Short Video!

Damon and I went to the dreaded  Wal-Mart today because he has been sleeping on the floor without an air mattress so he decided to buy one so he could be a little more comfortable at night.  I hate shopping there but there are no stores left in town where you can buy an air mattress.

Damon took this short video of me on the cripple cart.

When Wal-Marts go bad!! Damon saw this in Alaska!

Damon took this photo of a black squirrel today as we were taking a ride.  We very seldom see them around here.

We took a nice ride and got to talk a lot.  We both had a good time.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles Sucks!!!! Get Human!!

I spent about 5 hours dealing with the registry of motor vehicles yesterday.  Damon has a Florida license which he lost (He loses everything.  He’s just like his father) .  We are trying to get him a Massachusetts driver’s license so he can just use my house as his main residence.  He travels around so much it’s crazy to switch his driver’s license every time he moves somewhere new.

We went to the local registry to see what is involved in getting a Massachusetts license.  After waiting in the queue for 45 minutes we were finally told that we needed a certified driving record from Florida, and two forms of ID.  Fortunately he has a passport but they want his social security card which of course he lost.

We went home and I proceeded to try to find the correct person to talk to in Florida to get the above driving record.  OMG ( Acronym for I hate those fucking telephone menus and I am going to murder some one soon.)  I was on the phone for over three hours going from one effin menu to one dumbass after another then another effin menu then another dumbass.  You’ll notice on my next video I have half the hair I used to.  The rest is on the floor next to my computer chair. I was pulling it out while listening to the worst music in the world as I sat there on hold.

Finally I was able to get the correct answer to my one simple question.  At one point a woman could find no record of Damon ever having a license in Florida.  I know he did because I got him a duplicate the FIRST time he lost it.

Now I have to deal with the social security aspect of the thing .  I hope his passport will be enough ID to get him a new card.  We will go there today.  Wish me luck. No, wish the person who waits on me luck.

Now to top it all off.  The Wasband has decided to get the minivan fixed and put it in Damon’s name.  To transfer the van to Damon we need the title which of course the wasband lost. Also the front plate was stolen in Buffalo.

This is the minivan.  Notice it is parked next to the rubbish and recyclables.  I hope the trash people  don’t take it by mistake.

Do you see a trend here?   I am left to fix this mess because the two of them combined couldn’t sort it out.  No offense to either one.  I love them both but I wish they would quit losing stuff. I still have my original social security card I got 43 years ago.  To the wasband’s credit, so does he.

Here is a link to a list of companies and how to avoid there menus and talk to a human (I hope they are human. We are probably outsourcing to some other planet and speaking to reptilian aliens.)

“Hello, May I help you?”

Home Again, Home Again!! Happy Birthday Dad!!!

The last time I saw my son was on December 27th, 2007.  It was a heartfelt reunion.  I have missed him dearly.  I got the biggest hug from him ever. Then he told me how thin I felt to him.  He drove all night to get here.  He likes to drive on long trips at night.  It took him about 10 hours because he made some stops to rest.  It’s about 500 miles.

His sister said he can stay at the house for a couple of days but that’s all.  Now he has to decide where to go next.  I think it will be towards South Carolina.   He managed to drive the minivan all the way home.  I’m amazed the thing made it.  The transmission is shot.  It’s going to have to be junked which will leave him without a vehicle when he leaves here.

Damon and Yoda–So happy to see each other!!

I took this photo this morning just after he got home.  It’s a little blurry because I got no sleep last night.  We had a good day today.  In the afternoon we went and got him lunch and went down to the beach and then took a ride and just talked.  He finally got so tired I had to take him home so he could finally get some sleep.

Today would be my father’s 94th birthday if he were still here.   Happy Birthday Dad!!!

I might be a little scarce over the next couple of days so I can spend some time with Damon.

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