Paparazzi= An Old Plump Lady with a Camera and a Cane! Contest!

I was just reading about all the famous celebrities that own homes and visit the island.  I am thinking I should become a paparazzi.  Maybe I could make some extra money.    I would have to be home to cook supper.  I can’t neglect my chores.

I figure I could cane my way to the front of any group of paparazzi so I could get first dibs on any good shots. I would have to practice getting my photos in focus.  I always seem to have trouble with that.  I actually think I need new glasses again.

I’m not sure how Sarah would react to my new career.  I’m thinking as long as there is supper on the table and I don’t climb fences and ladders to get good shots she’d be OK with it.

I guess I would have to bring the baby with me when she finally pops out.  That could be tricky or maybe it might be helpful..   I know she is going to be the cutest baby in the world.  Maybe celebrities would want to give her a hug because she is so sweet.  Then I could snap a photo.  If it’s a celebrity that doesn’t like babies I will cane them.  Everyone should like babies.

The following are some of  the celebrities who have homes on the island or have spent time on the island.

I saw him helping to park cars at a wedding he attended on the island about 25 years ago.


She sang to Sarah at work a while back.

charlie wilson war 5 171207


Are they looking at aliens?  Is Bill hoping they beam him up? Is Hillary hoping they beam him up?  Sarah saw them at an ice cream store.












Actually,  I think I should be called a mamarazzi.  Well, whatever I decide you will be the first to know.   The first person to guess the names of everyone in the photos will get a prize from the island.  It won’t be expensive but I will try to find something cool.