To The Moms: When Your Child Is Not Done With Drugs

My son went to another funeral this week. I say another because many of his friends have died. I asked him about this girl who had over dosed. He told me she was in recovery and attended meetings. I asked how could she go back and use again. His answer was simple. “She wasn’t done yet.”‘ Until a drug addict is “done” there is nothing you can do to help them. All you can do is wait. I waited 10 years. For all of you who are waiting you need to start thinking about yourselves. You need to take care of yourselves. You need to take care of the rest of your family.

I learned that lesson the hard way.  My son has been sober for over 20 months after 10 years of drug use, mostly heroin.

 Damon Before and after

The photo on the left is my son when he was using heroin.  The photo on the right is my son now.  He is with his niece, Lilah.  He wasn’t allowed to see her the first few years of her life but now they are building a relationship.  The photo below is Damon with his nephew, Silas.


So, to anyone who reads this,  please don’t enable your child.  Let your child go.  I know it is a hard thing to do but an addict has a better chance of surviving if you don’t give them money, shelter or food.   Yes, your child may overdose but there is also a good chance your child will finally seek help when he finally has no place to go.