Trying to explain my E-mail mess, Facebook mess and Twitter mess.

I have had more screwy things happen with my e-mail, Twitter and Facebook.  The first one was with Facebook.  Someone hacked into my MSN e-mail account and sent all my contacts a request to be his friend on Facebook.  Whoever it was used my son’s name and a photo of some old man.  So some of my friends befriended him thinking he was a relative of mine.  After doing research I found out he was Indonesian and I’m not even sure what he thought he would get out of doing this.  I changed my password on my MSN account and warned all my friends to delete him from Facebook. 

At the time I was having my MSN account  forward all  e-mails to my G-mail account.  Tonight I found out I had 1551 e-mails I didn’t know about because they weren’t forwarded.  Now, I assume  all of you are very confused.  I know I am.  The reason why I am telling you this is because I didn’t realize I had all these comments to my last post.  Then I read all these lovely, heart warming comments that just made me so happy to know you all care.

At the same time all this is happening I find out from a friend that strange posts are appearing from me on my Twitter account.  I deleted them.  I guess I should go change the password too.  I wonder if it was the same person doing all of this.

So,  please don’t think I was ignoring you.  I, truly, didn’t know there were any comments here.  I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.


They say all things come in threes!

October 6th

About a week ago I went to the doctor because I was having stomach pain which I thought was an ulcer from taking too much Advil and Tylenol.  My Doc decided to have a CAT scan done on me that day.  Six hours later the scan was done and I got to go home after drinking way too much Barium which sucked by the way.

The next day the Doc called me with the results.  Seems I have a nodule on my adrenal gland,  a cyst on my pancreas and an inflammation on part of my lower left intestine.

After explaining  that the CAT scan can only tell them so much  the Doc told me I will have to have more tests.  She also mentioned the C word.  I guess any or all of these things could be Cancer.

November 12th

Here I am a month later. I just don’t know how time gets away from me.  I thought I had started this post a week ago, not a month ago.

I had an MRI done which showed I did NOT have cancer of the pancreas. Now I must have a colonoscopy done.  I have to wait until December 2nd.   By then it will have been two months since all this started and I still have stomach pain.  WTF!!   The colonoscopy will settle the issue of the thickening of the intestine.   Still don’t know about the  adrenal gland nodule.  Nor do I know when something will be done about it.

The medical community is very annoying to me right now.   I still have to have my left knee replaced and I also have to have the cataract removed. 

On the other hand,  how can I not be happy when I look at Lilah!