I saved a draft of a post I was going to write. Unfortunately, the only thing that was saved was the title and even that wasn’t complete.  Now I am wondering what BABY WAL  means. Of course, I don’t remember.  I guess I will go to a dictionary and look at some words that start with WAL and could be prefaced by Baby.

OK, the dictionary isn’t working for me.  I did come across on Google,  Baby Wal-Mart and Baby Walker, neither of which has any meaning to me.   Baby Walrus,  NO.  

Well, if you come up with anything that you think I might write about that starts with BABY WAL let me know. 

This is the first image that comes up on Google images if you type in BABY WAL.   I know for sure I wasn’t going to write about whatever it is.  It looks like some kind of faucet thingy. 

 I hope I don’t stay up all night trying to figure this out.


Little Bites!

I think that I have a lot of patience.  I also think that’s why my daughter likes the fact that I take care of the baby because she knows I am very patient, especially with kids.   Lilah has decided she wants to eat all her food by herself. That included the organic macaroni and cheese we made her yesterday. It was made with very small shells so she wouldn’t choke.

 Her mom decided to feed her.  Lilah ate the whole bowl of mac and cheese, one shell at a time.  It took about an hour but Sarah patiently sat there while Lilah ate.   Lilah was quite proud of herself when she finished.  Sarah realized she has a lot of patience too.