Yes, I know, a terrible title for a post.  OMG, I thought I knew what I was going to write about but I  totally forgot.  OMG, I forgot again.  By the time I did all the error corrections I totally forgot what I was going to write about, again .  Evidently it has something to do with bullshit.  Personally, I don’t  know any bulls so I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

I just looked up bullshit on WIKI.     “Bull”  meaning nonsense, dates from the 17th century[1], while the term “bullshit” has been used as early as 1915 in American slang,[2] and came into popular usage only during World War II. The word “bull” itself may have derived from the Old French boul meaning “fraud, deceit” (Oxford English Dictionary)[2]. The term “horseshit” is a near synonym.”

Bullshit, horseshit, I guess it doesn’t matter.  Well, bullshit, it matters when you can’t remember what you were thinking about.

Well, at least we know a lot more about bullshit.


Trivial & Too Much Fiber

I’m making a huge effort to post more often even if I don’t have much going on in my head  or outside of my head.   Today the wasband brought his ex-girlfriend to visit for a couple of days so she could see the baby.  Meg is a really great gal and she and I get along wonderfully. She has become part of the family.  I made supper for us–salmon salad.  The baby has decided she loves salmon.  After supper we played trivial pursuit and we all discovered just how little we know.  We played teams because Meg went to bed early.  Barry and I won AGAIN!!   Barry is super at the sports questions.  I can hang in there with science,  entertainment, literature and I’m terrible at geography and barely OK at history.  Now when I say hang in there I mean I can answer a question here and there.   We all had fun playing the game.

So it’s now 12:37AM.  Everyone is asleep except for me and I just made a huge mistake.  I ate three” Fiber One” bars in 5  minutes. Each bar has 9 grams of fiber.  That’s a total of 27 grams.  The ideal fiber for a woman my age is 21 grams a day.  When I eat too much fiber,  bad fibery things happen in my intestines and anyone around me should run away.

Anyway I put in a google search for fibery images and came up with some interesting ones.

I’m thinking — whatever is going on here IS NOT GOOD.  I’m thinking fiber buildup.

I swear this came up.  I’m thinking –fiber messes up my intestines and maybe these are fiber proof boxers (for men, I guess).

When I first looked at the following photo my glasses were askew and I was seeing it sort of blurry and well, it looked sort of obscene to me.  You’re all probably wondering what I was thinking.  Keep wondering.  I’m not telling.  Do you know what it is and how it relates to my fiber problem?

I swear, it was a small thumbnail of the photo above and I could barely see it.  Why I thought of what I did is a mystery to me but  whatever.


Whoever is still checking this blog will be surprised I posted two days in a row.  Like I said I really miss blogging but now that I think of it I really miss my blogging buddies.

I’m going to attempt to make the rounds and visit everyone on my blogroll.  Just don’t hold your breath.  I might be a little slow about it.

I titled this post ” Easter”  because I couldn’t think of anything better to call it and then I started thinking of the Easter Bunny.  Seriously, the Easter bunny?  I thought this was supposed to be a religious holiday.  When did the Easter bunny come into play?  I understand the whole Santa Claus business but I’m not getting the Bunny Business.

Well, I just got back from Wikipedia– my go-to website for quick info.  Come to find out, the Easter bunny is German. Didn’t know that.  Here is a quote from Wiki: “” The Easter Bunny or Easter Hare (sometimes Spring Bunny in the U.S.)   Maybe I’ve been neglecting the news but it is definitely news to me that the Easter bunny is sometimes called the Spring Bunny.   Sorry, but I am going to continue to call him the Easter bunny.  That’s right, I am politically incorrect.  On the other hand if you,  my dear reader,  prefer Spring Bunny, be my guest.

Anyway, the whole egg thing and bunny thing comes from Germany and if you are interested to learn more you can go to Wiki.  I’m sort of  bored by the whole thing.  On to something else.

I had to throw in the cartoon.   I didn’t get any candy for Easter.  That is probably a good thing.  I did get a lovely Easter basket from my daughter.

I hope you all had a great Easter and thought of more than the bunny.

I Miss Blogging

I really do miss blogging and the friends I have made blogging.  I do see many of you on Facebook but not enough of you. Unfortunately my days are going to get busier because my son-in-law will be back to work full time soon. He’s been home a lot this winter and being the great Dad that he is  has spent much of his free time with the baby. 

Lilah is growing by leaps and bounds and at 9 months old she is ready to walk.  The thing is,  I am not ready for her to walk.  I can hardly keep up with her as it is.  This child never stops not even for a second.  I don’t remember my two babies being so, how shall I phrase it?  What’s a good word for never stops moving,  never is quiet,  and has all ready figured out how to get me to do anything she wants?

She is getting to be such a big girl.

I am on Facebook daily–  Joan Hawkins Burden.  So find me.   Summer is on it’s way and that means the island will be alive with dumbasses.  I can’t wait.