Kokopelli and prizes from Arizona!!!

My daughter gave me a whole bunch of prizes she got for me in Arizona so I am going to show them to you but first I have to explain who Kokopelli is in case you don’t know because Kokopelli is on a few of the things she gave me. I got the following from Wikipedia.

Kokopelli is a fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with a huge phallus and feathers or antenna-like protrusions on his head), who has been venerated by some Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and agriculture. He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music.

Among the Hopi, Kokopelli carries unborn children on his back and distributes them to women (for this reason, young girls often fear him). He often takes part in rituals relating to marriage, and Kokopelli himself is sometimes depicted with a consort, a woman called Kokopelmana by the Hohokam and Hopi.

Kokopelli on a Red Rock.

Kokopelli earrings

A Giant pencil to go along with my giant pen.

I want to know what the 1% other materials are.

A charm for my charm bracelet

Sarah always gets carried away buying me stuff. She also knows just what I will like. I’m curious about this fertility Kokopelli guy though. Now I don’t need any fertility stuff myself. It wouldn’t work on me anyway unless there was some immaculate conception involved and I wasn’t post-menopausal. I don’t really see that happening. Now they say he carries unborn babies on his back and distributes them to women. Is Sarah just trying to get out of childbirth and get a baby the easy way? Is Kokopelli just the stork?

It was a slow day. I never left the house. It rained all day. I never even got out of my PJs. I did cook a wonderful supper though. Roasted dijon little red potatoes, Fresh rosemary roasted vegetables: onions , peppers, summer squash, zucchini, grape tomatoes, and a combination seasoning called By the Sea Salt from Martha’s Vineyard. It contains Kosher salt, garlic, onion, basil and parsley. I also made sesame chicken. I sure got my 5 servings of vegetables.

It’s 1:38AM and I just made myself hungry. I better go to bed before I do something stupid. Speaking of stupid the wasband left his beautiful giant homemade chocolate chip cookies by the computer and I didn’t eat one. There are four cookies left and I just quietly opened the package and ate a chocolate chip. One measly chocolate chip. I gotta get away from these cookies.


Wasband is Having a Sleepover Tonight!! Guess The Blog!!! Drug Addicts in the Yard!! Weight Watcher’s Meeting!

The Wasband and his lovely friend ( and I do mean that seriously) went off for the week because she is a teacher and it was school vacation. They are heading back home but are going to stop in NYC to visit her Dad and have supper with him. They will then head home but it will be late so it will be easier for them to stay here tonight. He can go off tomorrow to his baseball card show and she will head home which is about a 1 1/2 hour drive. He has a twin bed which she will sleep in and he will sleep in the living room with the cats in his comfy chair. Good luck with that.

We have to cover the chair with a heavy comforter because it is leather and the cats will scratch it. You can see some of my cookbook collection in the backround.

Yoda will harass him all night. Yoda likes to sleep wrapped around your neck. He is a very stubborn cat and tonight we will find out who is more stubborn, the wasband or Yoda. The wasband will have one thing on his side , a spray water bottle. The cat will have something on his side, he has been sprayed so many times he doesn’t care about the spray water bottle anymore. I think he feels it’s kind of refreshing.

This is Yoda deciding whether to jump around my neck, a neat trick my son taught him. Now here is the question– CAN YOU GUESS WHO’S BLOG I’M READING ON MY COMPUTER? I visit this person’s blog almost daily to get a good laugh. You can also see my police scanner. I always like to know ahead of time when something bad is going to go down on my street. It has happened so often that now I like to be prepared.

Just up the street is a halfway house for drug addicts. Now I have nothing against recovering drug addicts. I am related to one. But I will tell you a little story here.

A couple of years ago I woke up in the middle of the night and heard a car outside my bedroom window. I peeked out the window and there was a car parked on my front lawn by the stockade fence which is hidden from the main road. A man climbed out the window of the car and I’m thinking here we go again. I have written many stories of weird people in my yard at night and this is just another from a long list.

I noticed that the front of the car is badly dented, more like mangled. I’m praying he is not going to come to the door because of course I am home alone. I had my cell phone in my hand and the guy started heading toward the street as I was calling the police. I immediately put on the police scanner. The police arrived within two minutes. Evidently, this guy and a girl had an argument and he crashed her car purposefully. She, supposedly got out of the car and he tried to run her over. He then drives her to the ER, dumps her off and leaves her car in my yard. Come to find out he lives at the halfway house, the girl is my son’s ex-girlfriend and the guy is my son’s ex drug dealer. I think he was selling drugs out of the halfway house. Anyway he went to jail for a while but I guess he is out again. My son was living in Florida at the time. This is why my son can’t live in this town. The police ended up arresting the guy at the half way house and towed the car away. This is the same poor girl who overdosed on heroin and died last September.

This is why I leave the police scanner on. My house is a magnet for weirdos. But I like to live on the edge. Yea right!!

I had my weight watcher’s meeting this morning and lost .8 pounds. Not a lot but with the kids gone and on my own I didn’t think I would lose anything. I can’t change the numbers on my weight tracker because I really weighed 275.8 last week and sort of rounded it off to 275. So now I really weigh 275 and have to lose more to change the tracker. So this week I will be vigilant and try to do better on portion control.

I am off to enjoy the day. It is beautiful and sunny and already the day is half gone. Going to the beach.

I took this photo at sunset a few years ago at Chapoquoit Beach in West Falmouth.

The Kids Are Home, My 275 Pound Weight Goal Prize from Sarah, Post Accident Crap, and a Cat in a Bag

The kids took a late flight out of Vegas last night and returned home before I had even gotten out of bed. They hadn’t slept on the flight so they went downstairs and right to sleep. That meant I had to wait to get my prize from Sarah for reaching 275 pounds. To pass the time away, I took my brother grocery shopping which I do every week and did some shopping myself so I could make the kids a good supper. They’ve been eating restaurant food for ten days. They needed a good home cooked meal.

I also had to go to the police station to get a copy of the police report from my fender bender on Saturday. The report clearly says it wasn’t my fault. Sarah wasn’t the least upset about the car. I knew she wouldn’t be.

I finally got home, made supper and she got up from her day’s rest to eat. That’s when she gave me this.

A few months ago she had been walking on the beach during her lunch hour and found a piece of sea glass in the shape of a heart. She had it mounted in sterling silver and made into a charm for my silver neck chain. Isn’t that awesome!! Now she is really close to my heart.

A CAT IN THE BAG–I told you my cat sleeps in my bag.



Her sunburn had healed by the time these pictures were taken but you can see the coloring in her face. Now it’s just tan.

She has about a zillion photos of her trip but I spared you and only posted three. I haven’t even seen the rest so there might be more.

The Post Office, The Accident, The Knife and The Police-All This morning

First of all, I didn’t hurt anyone nor was I hurt. I don’t want to scare anyone off from reading about my exciting morning. I went to weight watcher’s as I usually do on Saturday mornings. I always go to the Post Office afterwards. I was fortunate to have my daughter’s car (at least I thought so at the time) because it is so much better than mine. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining brightly, you could feel spring in the air.

I pulled into the parking lot of the PO and parked in my usual handicapped parking space. I went in and got my mail–all junk mail by the way. I got back in my car and started to pull out of the parking space. I had completely pulled out of the space and was getting ready to turn my car to the left to leave but noticed the person parked next to me had started backing out. Being in a good mood, I stopped and let him back out. He had PLENTY of room to back out and go left and leave the fucking parking lot. Instead he just keeps backing up, obviously not looking in his mirror to see if anyone might be in back of him. I’m thinking as he backs towards my car, he has plenty of room so he’s going to stop any second–but he doesn’t and backs right into my car my daughter’s car. WHACK!!!

Well, I couldn’t help myself, and I started yelling at him, grabbing my knife at the same time in case he’s a road rager and comes after me. Actually, at this point I am acting more like a road rager than anyone. He gets out of his car and I’m ready to have it out with him. What gets out is this little old, old, man with a tracheotomy. I quickly put my knife away. If he gets tough on me I always have my cane. But the thought of beating an old man with a cane who can’t even walk as well as I can and I am disabled, well that wouldn’t be right. So I calmed myself down as he approached my car.

He politely asked me “Where did you come from?” I actually laughed (I didn’t mean to, it just came out) and then I tried to explain to him what had happened and realized he was also somewhat deaf. Well I’m somewhat deaf (from listening to too much loud music ) and could hardly understand him because of the tracheotomy. I tell him I am going to call the police so that we can have a police report on file for insurance purposes. Actually, I am yelling at this point so he can hear me and I am saying the words very slowly so he will understand. Evidently he is in a hurry because he doesn’t want to wait for the police. Well, I had to be a little firm with him and tell him he had to wait or it would be considered a hit and run which probably isn’t true because we had exchanged information. But I didn’t want to take any chances. I wanted a police report on file. He was probably going to forget all this happened in about an hour anyway.

The policeman finally showed up after about a 1/2 an hour. They probably didn’t rush because there was no injury.

I’m not going to tell my daughter until she gets home. She’s had enough go wrong on her vacation. Their hot air balloon ride was canceled because of wind. She’s still dealing with that awful sunburn.

I only lost .6 pounds at weight watchers but it brought me down to 275 pounds so Sarah will have to give me the prize she promised me. I hope she still wants to after I banged up her car.

Now I have to spend Monday going to the insurance company, getting a copy of the police report and getting an estimate on the damage. What a pain in the ass. Do you know my ass still hurts if I sit on it too long. It’s been 3 1/2 months since I broke it.

I went back to the PO to take a photo of where I was waiting for him to back out of his parking space.

I was in the parking space closest to the building. You can see anyone backing out of any of those spaces had plenty of room.

After I went to the PO again, I drove to the beach. I stayed about an hour and then Sarah’s car wouldn’t start. Somehow I had “deadened” the battery. I was playing music so that must have done it. Thank goodness Barry was home and came and gave the car a jump. I finally made it home and don’t think I’m going to leave home again, at least not today.

I don’t think Sarah will be reading this because she can’t get on the internet at her hotel in Vegas because they charge you extra and she won’t pay it. But if you do read this Sweet Pea, I’m really sorry and it really wasn’t my fault. I love you!!!

My First Blog Awards!!!!!

I was presented with these two awards by Teeni.

This was for the “The 4th Occasional Teeni Awards”

I was quite honored and pleased to accept my first awards from her. She has a great blog and she is a wonderful person. Blogging has made such a difference in my life. I have made so many friends and I have to thank Wendy from Life With Buck for inspiring me to start blogging.

I’m not going to pass these on yet. I want to keep them for just a little bit.

I’ve been able to blog quite a bit this week because the damn kids are away. They are coming home Tuesday. Crap I’ll be so happy to see them. If you read this Sarah, you know I am only kidding. I miss you lots. I did boredom eating while you were gone. I know I have lots of projects I am putting off. I will discuss this with my therapist on Monday.

It was such a beautiful day on Cape Cod today, about 70 degrees, that I went down to the beach. I took one photo. I think I want a beach chair. I had to lean against the car. I’ve got a few good weeks before the tourists show up and I want to enjoy the beach when I can. I haven’t done the beach thing in years.

That’s Martha’s Vineyard in the backround. That’s where my daughter works. It was beautiful and peaceful at the beach. Soon the tourists will come and I won’t go back to the beach until autumn. It’s crazy here in the summer but I guess it does boost our economy and the traffic.

Fluff Five Meme

I’ve been tagged by the bead den for this meme. Don’t feel like you HAVE to participate, and ignore it if you have been tagged already. If you are interested in learning anything about beaded jewelry the bead den can direct you to the right place. You should look at the photos of some of the stuff she has made. It’s amazing. She is also a fun blogger and has other interesting things she blogs about too. I’m sorry but I have to do this meme with photos.

5 Things Found In Your Bag

This is my bag. Sometimes the cats sleep in it.

  • various antibacterial products because I have a disease called “Fear of Flu”
  • large pen– so I can find it quickly to give out tickets to illegal handicapped parkers.
  • various pairs of glasses because I can’t see for shit and medicare won’t pay for trifocals. I carry them all with me because you never know when you’ll want to see something.
  • my list organizers because I can’t remember anything.
  • My knife–Don’t mess with Mama. The farm is where we get our organic produce in the summer. You have to pick your own so Sarah goes on Mondays (her day off).
5 Favorite Things In Your Room
This was difficult because I have so many favorite things in my room.
  • George, my protector
  • Sarah had this done in Disneyworld on their honeymoon. Their photo is lasered into the middle of the glass and it is on a turntable which lights up the glass in different colors. It is wicked cool.
  • Damon got me this for Christmas this year. It is hand cut from recycled metal.
  • This is my wizard candle that Sarah got me at the Renaissance fair. I’ve had two others from this particular candle maker and they both melted in the sun and Sarah just keeps replacing them. Hopefully this one won’t melt.
  • This is the cover to Primetime Magazine. My father and I were on the cover for his last Father’s Day. He died 7 months later. The Cape Cod Times had asked people to send in stories about their fathers and they would print some of them in their magazine. They liked mine so much they came to our store and took pictures of us. We never expected to be on the cover.

5 Things You Are Currently Into

  • Cooking
  • blogging
  • scrapbooking (but I haven’t done one scrapbook yet I have tons of materials to do it.)
  • beading (but I haven’t done one piece of jewelry yet I have all the materials to do it.)
  • Photography
5 Things You Have Always Wanted To Do
  • Travel to the countryside of England
  • Be a normal size and not in pain
  • Not worry about my son
  • Not be a burden to anyone
  • Have a beautiful garden with herbs for cooking.

5 People You Want To Tag

I tagged these people because I thought there was a chance they might do it plus I love learning more about everyone. But don’t feel obligated. It’s only if you feel like it. If anyone else would like to do it , please do.

Mourning Dove Commits Suicide on my Picture Window

I doubt that he was really trying to commit suicide but he might have. He was being chased by the nesting red shouldered hawk and he might have thought to himself : which would I rather have happen-be eaten by a hawk or smash myself into Joanharvest’s picture window. He chose the latter.

My computer is next to the window so I heard the very loud thump and as I turned my head I saw tiny little feathers floating in the air. I managed to stand up and look out the window and saw him just underneath the window in the talons of the hawk. The hawk looked straight at me and dropped him and flew away. The mourning dove was laying there and sort of crawled a few feet and stopped moving. He was either unconscious or dead. I decided to wait awhile to see if he might wake up and just fly away so we could have a happy ending to this story. I also didn’t want to put his system into more shock.  If he was alive there probably wasn’t much I could do for him. It never occurred to me the hawk might come back for him.

I actually took a picture of him as he was laying there but it’s too sad to post. I  turned back to the computer for just a minute and when I looked back at the dove he was gone. I’d like to think that he woke up and flew away. I don’t want to think that the hawk came back for him, but on the hand the hawk has to eat too, you know, the cycle of life and the food chain and all that.

I sort of feel guilty that I didn’t go out and save him. If Barry were home he would have.

When I was about 12 years old I found a baby starling on the ground by a tree. He must have fallen out of the nest. I picked him up and brought him home. He hardly had any feathers yet.

I put him in a box with a soft towel and called the vet to see what to feed him. I gave him sugar water with an eyedropper on the tip of his beak and fed him raw hamburg.  I had to feed him  every 30 minutes for the first week.  It was awful because he would wake me up in the night but I did it. He certainly let me know when he was hungry.  I called him Grapenut. I will never forget Grapenut. As he grew he thought I was his Mama.

I would let him out of his box and he would follow me everywhere. We had this little screened in building in our backyard and I would take him in there when he started to learn to fly.

Then I went on vacation with my parents and left him in the care of my older sister and brother. When I came back home he was dead. They swear they fed him and it wasn’t their fault. I didn’t believe them at the time but I know my sister wouldn’t lie to me so I know now it was the truth. I cried a lot at the time over Grapenut’s death. I had become so attached to him. My sister and brother had a big party while we were gone. Of course, they weren’t supposed to. My parents never did find out and I didn’t find out until years later. I always wondered if someone at the party might have gotten Grapenut drunk. He wasn’t a drinker and I doubt that he could handle his liquor very well. But I’ll never know.

Answer to : What is That Contraption?

Take one last guess before you scroll down!!!!!!

Now You know. The best part is I don’t have to use it anymore. I can put on my own damn socks!!!!!!!

My Daughter, Utah, Snowboarding , Sunburn and Emergency Room

My daughter just called me and she and her hubby skied snowboarded all day yesterday. They both got terrible sunburns on their faces. They forgot to put on sunscreen. She actually has blisters. She ended up going to the emergency room and she has first degree burns and minor second degree burns. They gave her some ointment and a tetanus shot and some pain killers which she probably won’t take, knowing her. She said it hurt quite a lot and her face looks terrible with all the blisters.

But she is making the best of it. Hopefully it will feel and look better in a couple of days. She said she won’t let it ruin her vacation.

I had fun at the party last night. I ate carrots. Everything else was not weight watchers approved. I was smart and ate just before I went so I wouldn’t be hungry. I also had a couple of rum and diet cokes. That’s when things started to get fun. They had a pinata but it didn’t have candy in it. I got a straw with boobs on it and a condom. I guess I will just give that to the wasband. I think I’ll keep the straw.

My Favorite Song

This is sung by the Bulgarian Women’s State Choir. The video itself is beautiful with my favorite song playing in the backround. Take the time to listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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