Comparing Christmas!!

Another befor eand after photo. Last Christmas vs. this Christmas.

Last Year!


This Year!


I will post more photos tomorrow but I had to post this. I hope you all had an Absolutely Fabulous Holiday. I know I did.

To My Daughter

My daughter saw the photo I put in yesterday’s post and it’s not one of her favorite photos. I told her I would put a photo of her now, 40 pounds lighter, thanks to weight watcher’s and my cooking. I am also sneaking in a photo of one of her tattoos because we know a certain someone was a little afraid to see her daughter’s body altered for life.

obie-and-sarah-xmas-2007.jpgsarah-tatoo.jpgMy daughter on her wedding day.

I thought I would add a few more photos of her wedding. I can’t help myself. It was such a beautiful and perfect wedding.

The above song was the theme song from her wedding. It comes from the movie “The Princess Bride” Feel free to listen to it while you look at the photos of her wedding.

This was the band, Pumpkin Head Ted, My daughter wanted her wedding to be casual. We had a catered barbecue, salmon and steak with all the sides. We also had a raw bar in a boat that Obie had made when he was young. His father owned the Beetle Cat Boat Company.


These were the appetizers.


This was the wedding cake. Obie’s grandmother and aunt made it the night before. There were three different flavored cakes.






That’s my girl. I am so thankful to be her Mother. You couldn’t ask for a more wonderful daughter. She is always there for me and I hope I am for her. Who knows where I would be today without her love and support.