Weight Watcher Saturday!! Lost 5 freakin’ pounds!!!

Yes, Folks, I lost 5 whole pounds.  A sack of potatoes, a 5 pound RUMP roast, 5 pounds of butter.  Unfortunately, I had two days of bad diarrhea that probably caused most of the weight loss and I still have it today.  What’s up with that???   Virus, bad food, IBS, I don’t know or care really. I’m drinking a lot so I don’t get dehydrated (water, not alcohol).

I guess I’m even banned from the beach!!

To be honest, I don’t care how I lost it.  The only thing I know is “It ain’t coming back”.

So to make sure I got up for weight watchers,  I set my alarm radio to loud.  I didn’t hear it for 11 minutes. Next week I am going to put it on that annoying buzzer instead of the radio. I did make it to the meeting though.

I’m invited to another party tonight so I am taking Pepto to get rid of my funky stomach.  I hate to miss a party. It’s a potluck and I have been asked to bring the salad. The party is at the house of the recently married couple that had the luau.  She is so cool because she understands my weight watcher thing so I think that’s why she is having me bring the salad because I can put in what I want. I think I will have Sarah put the salad together.  I don’t want to spread germs.

I made it through WW without an explosive problem, if you know what I mean. Now I have to see if I can make it to the grocery store.  I’ll have to scope out the place first to find the bathroom (just in case).

Who knew you could write a whole post about diarrhea.  I hope I haven’t grossed you all out but you know how I write “Whatever I Think”.

I will write the post about Waterfire Providence when Barry gets home from the show he’s doing.  No, he doesn’t sing and dance.  It’s a baseball card show.  I want Sarah to video us telling the story.

Damon Is Fine!! Includes Directions On How To Make Fake Snot!! I Kid You Not!!!

I don’t think the Doctors know what he has but it’s not meningitis.  It probably is just some sort of weird virus.  If it gets worse he’ll go back to the ER. Thanks for all your thoughts, well wishes and prayers.

My cold got a little worse but not by much. Now I have laryngitis.  I try to talk to the kitties and nothing comes out except for some kind of croaking sound.  The kitties don’t care.  They never listen to me anyway.

I just scanned this.  It was with some coupons and I started to throw it away and then I realized what it said. “Cool Science Projects For Kids”  Exactly what is this teaching them?  Though it could be fun to make but I’ve got the real stuff going right now.  I don’t need any fake stuff. I’ve got plenty to spare. There was a coupon for “Spam”.  I’ll pass on that too.

My Son Is At The ER in Buffalo!

My son went to the ER in Buffalo yesterday because he felt really sick.  He was vomiting , had a bad headache, stiff neck, sore joints and I don’t know what else.  They wanted to give him a spinal tap and I think that made him nervous and he left.  He called me today and told me and I had him go right back to the ER.  They also wanted to do a Cat scan of his brain which means they suspect a possibility of meningitis.  It could be just a plain simple virus. I sure hope that’s all it is.

I am sitting here by the phone waiting.  I’m sure it will be hours before we know anything. I’ll keep you all posted.