The Tooth is Gone!!!

But instead of the Tooth Faerie showing up,  the Tooth Virus paid me a visit. I put the damn broken chipped tooth under my pillow, the tooth that caused me so much pain and made me whine, and next morning the only thing I found was a headache and a sore throat. WTF!!

I think this is the dumbass that showed up!!!


I want to thank everyone for their well wishes during my whiny times.  I realized I whine much more about toothaches than colds.

I did get prises yesterday, though.  Sarah got back from her trip to Puerto Rico and brought back presents.

A nice hand painted wall decoration


And a nice T-shirt


Sarah had a great time and they collected tons of sea glass to make jewelry out of.

Today I went grocery shopping and on the way I saw three men at three different houses all in a row with leaf blowing machines.  I wish I had taken a video because they all seemed to be blowing leaves and getting nowhere. I don’t think you are supposed to use leaf blowers on a windy day.  I could have stabbed them with my cane and stuffed them in my pockets quicker than these men were getting rid of them.

I’ve watched almost two seasons of LOST while I milked got over the tooth thing.  The cold isn’t bad enough to whine about.

I’ll have to catch up on blogging tomorrow.  Barry is home today and I have to give him back the computer.