I’m Looking For a Tattoo for Myself

I am definitely going to get a tattoo. I want it to reflect something about myself. One of my greatest passions is astronomy not to be confused with astrology. Before I go on I will show you my daughter’s latest photo of a couple of her tattoos. She gave me permission to post it.

I love the way the photo was done in black and white and the tattoos are in color.

My tattoo will be smaller and probably on my arm. I want to find what I want now, then when I am ready to do it I will be used to the photo of what I want and can make a final decision if I have picked the right one. Not everyone likes body art but I do and I’m going with it. I just have to lose all the weight first.

I am an amateur astronomer so I want it to have something to do with the sun, moon and stars. That’s always sort of been my logo. I have more sun, moon and star crap in my room then you could imagine. So far these are two I sort of like.

I am still looking though. I don’t want to end up with something I hate for the rest of my life.

Let me know which one you like? Or any artists out there I can use some ideas.

2 Pounds- Now I Can Listen To Music From the 70’s

I had my weight watcher’s meeting this morning and I lost two more pounds. Thank goodness!!! I am now in the 70’s. And I mean that in more ways than one. By the 70’s I mean I have gone down from the 280’s to the 270’s after starting out at a whopping 344 pounds. I think the kids were starting to think about what crane company they were going to use to haul me out of the house when I hit 400.

Being in the 70’s also means I can now listen to 70’s music. When I hit the 90’s I would only listen to music from the 90’s. When I hit the 80’s I would only listen to music from the 80’s. And now I am in the 70’s and can listen to my favorite music. I love music from the 70’s so I hope I don’t dwell in the 70’s for too long just for the music. Thank goodness I love 60’s music too. I am a wannabe flower child. No disco for me.

I’d actually like to dress like an old hippie. I found some cool websites with vintage 60’s clothing. I can see it now.



My daughter is really going to think I’ve gone off the deep end if I start wearing clothes like the above. But then we all know our roles our reversed here. She’s taken on the roll of Mom and I am the rebellious teenager who gets more rebellious as she loses weight. My daughter will have a Mom with tattoos, dressed like a hippie, and more piercings.

My top 20 groups and singers from the late 60’s (I wanted to do top ten but I just couldn’t. I liked too many and this really doesn’t even cover everyone from that era) : This is what I have to look forward to when I lose ten more pounds. These are in no particular order. I just couldn’t pick one over the other. I have all of these on vinyl.

1. Cream

2. Creedence Clearwater Revival

3. Grateful Dead

4. The Band

5. The Allman Brothers

6. Big Brother & the Holding Company

7. Jefferson Airplane

8. Canned Heat

9. Joe Cocker

10. Jimi Hendricks

11. The Doors

12. Country Joe & The Fish

13. Steve Miller Band

14. Procol Harum

15. Leon Russell

16. Santana

17. Iron Butterfly

18. Fleetwood Mac

19. Jethro Tull

20.Led Zeppelin

All of the above groups had at least one album out in the sixties and most of them played at Woodstock 1969woodstock-poster.jpg

That was the year I got married and Woodstock was going on during our honeymoon. We almost went but we heard on the radio about the traffic and decided to go to Canada instead. I wish now we had gone to Woodstock but I probably wouldn’t have liked all the mud and rain. We had all our camping stuff with us because we had very little money and camped out during our honeymoon.


my-wedding.jpgThe Wasband and I

me-and-my-dad.jpgMy Dad and I

barb-and-nancy.jpgMy sister, Barbara, on the left and my best friend, Nancy, on the right.

We didn’t have a professional photographer so we don’t have many photos. We had a great wedding though and a wonderful honeymoon. I can only find one photo of the honeymoon. The rest are packed away somewhere.

honeymoon.jpgHoneymoon. We went to Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Quebec. The sign says “Just Married” and that was the tiny tent we slept in.

I don’t know how this went from losing two pounds to my wedding. I always seem to go in all directions. Might as well post my engagement photo. The only professional photo I’ve ever had done.

engagement-photo.jpgI was 19 years old.

To My Daughter

My daughter saw the photo I put in yesterday’s post and it’s not one of her favorite photos. I told her I would put a photo of her now, 40 pounds lighter, thanks to weight watcher’s and my cooking. I am also sneaking in a photo of one of her tattoos because we know a certain someone was a little afraid to see her daughter’s body altered for life.

obie-and-sarah-xmas-2007.jpgsarah-tatoo.jpgMy daughter on her wedding day.

I thought I would add a few more photos of her wedding. I can’t help myself. It was such a beautiful and perfect wedding.

The above song was the theme song from her wedding. It comes from the movie “The Princess Bride” Feel free to listen to it while you look at the photos of her wedding.

This was the band, Pumpkin Head Ted, My daughter wanted her wedding to be casual. We had a catered barbecue, salmon and steak with all the sides. We also had a raw bar in a boat that Obie had made when he was young. His father owned the Beetle Cat Boat Company.


These were the appetizers.


This was the wedding cake. Obie’s grandmother and aunt made it the night before. There were three different flavored cakes.






That’s my girl. I am so thankful to be her Mother. You couldn’t ask for a more wonderful daughter. She is always there for me and I hope I am for her. Who knows where I would be today without her love and support.