A Nothing Post!

I post “Whatever I Think”. But I am sure you all realize that by now.  Evidently I am thinking about nothing today.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I am thinking about the TV show “LOST”  I have the first three seasons on DVD and I started watching them last night. I’ve already seen them when the show was on but I want to do a “LOST” marathon so when the new season starts I will remember all the other episodes.   (Remember my bad memory–I do.  It’s the only thing I remember with certainty.)

So I have about 66 episodes to watch.  The fourth season comes out December 9th and I will watch that before the fifth season starts in January.  Am I confusing you?

So I am doing a quick post so I can go grocery shopping, cook supper and then watch “LOST” all night. With Sarah gone I don’t have to pack her breakfast and lunch at night so I get a little break.  Sarah,  I would rather have you home, though, or at least be in Puerto Rico with you. You abandoned me and left me with the “Three Stooges”. ;-(   I love you anyway.

Oh, not only did I watch “LOST” last night but I danced with a French Canadian.  But that’s for another post. I bet you’re wondering how I did that last night?  Ha! Ha!

I leave you with Maxine and the definition of the word “nothing”.  I think the last Maxine might be a knockoff.  The signature is different but it’s funny anyway.

Definition of NOTHING:

Main Entry:
Middle English, from Old English nān thing, nāthing, from nān no + thing thing — more at none
before 12th century
1 : not any thing : no thing <leaves nothing to the imagination> 2 : no part 3 : one of no interest, value, or consequence <they mean nothing to me>
nothing doing

: by no means : definitely no
nothing for it

: no alternative <nothing for it but to start over>