I Sucked at Weight Watchers Today-I Gained 1.2 Pounds–Answer to Whose Blog Was That and a Photo of My Mini Stonehenge

I’m not sure why because I thought pretended I did pretty good. But I don’t give up and will move forward. I took home the traveling tracker. The deal with weight watcher’s, in case you are unfamiliar with it, is that you have to track the points that you eat in a little journal. Well, I got lazy and figured I could do it in my head. This is the head that doesn’t remember much of what I did yesterday. Technically you should measure portions. 1/2 cup of rice is only 2 points but if you don’t measure it and pretend a full bowl of rice is only a 1/2 cup, well the only person you’re fooling is yourself. I guess I’ve been fooling with myself a lot lately.

At my Saturday meeting we take turns (volunteers only) to bring the traveling tracker home and be honest and track all your points. I have never volunteered but I did today so that I would get back in the habit of tracking my points and being more honest with myself. I was pretending that if you eat popcorn after midnight it doesn’t count. What’s up with that?

These are my first entries into the traveling tracker that I got this morning. So we will see this week what being more honest with myself gets me. After a year of doing this I could feel myself sliding and I can’t let that happen. I WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN. This is the first weight gain I’ve had in a while. But I’ve also only been losing recently, point this and point that, when I should be losing at least 1.5 – 2 pounds a week.

I told my daughter about my weight gain and she said “Well, should I take the sea glass charm back because you now weigh 276.2?” Then she laughed and said she would never take it back, she’s so sweet. She’d have to rip it off my fat dead body before I ever let her have it back.

I went to the P.O. this morning and didn’t get into any fender benders so that was nice. I found a really good place to give out tickets to illegal handicapped parkers–Dunkin Donuts. They probably haven’t had their caffeine yet so they are too tired to walk too far to get their fix. We’ll see how they feel about that after they get a $100 ticket.

It’s Spidey’s blog, Peter Parkour on my computer in the backround. His blog is very funny. He posts crazy pics that he finds on the internet. Some are a little “racey”. He and I also like the same movies. He’s a trucker that keeps on truckin’. If you’re a trucker, he gives good trucking advice. The only thing I know about trucks is to avoid them on the highway.

This is my mini Stonehenge.

This is the real Stonehenge. Looks just like mine if you use your imagination. 🙂

My sister came up with a great idea about my “over snacking” at night. Pick out one low point snack and eat it comfortably while watching TV. Now normally, because I stay up so late, I usually have a couple more 1 point snacks. Also I started out at 37 points a day. I am now down to 31 points a day. All those little one point snacks add up fast. Anyway, she said if I go for another snack at night, eat it in the bathroom (that’s where the kitty litter is) standing up. That will be a new rule. If I feel I really have to have the snack then fine but I bet I won’t be all that hungry if I have to eat it next to the kitty litter standing up. Usually when I eat those snacks I’m not even hungry.

Another cat in the bag photo.


Rock Salt, Tiki Torch Fuel, and Kitty Litter–What Could They Have in Common

Well, I’m going to tell you all about last night’s gathering of these materials. And guess who was the star of the show, guess who could manage to get all three of these products together, guess who caused a chemical spill into the ground near our side door? None other than my wasband.




I think I will finally start calling him by his name. I guess he is officially part of the family since he’s been here 7 months now and it doesn’t look like he has plans to go anywhere else.

My daughter and her hubby went out to dinner last night and she noticed the side steps were slippery with ice. So she asked her father to please put down some rock salt. She’s always concerned that I am going to fall and break my ass again. And to tell you the truth, I really don’t want to do that again. It’s about 90% better and If it happened again I think I would have ass removal surgery.

Anyway, Barry proceeds to take our rock salt outside. I am in my room and I hear him come back in the house and he says “I’ve done something really bad out there. It really smells too.” Oh my God, I’m thinking he’s shit his pants. What else could smell really bad out there. He’s had some stomach upset lately. I’m also thinking, I ain’t cleaning it up, pal. NOOO WAY!!!! We’re not married anymore and I don’t have to clean up your shit.

Well, fortunately for both of us, that’s not what happened. He put the rock salt on the railing, it proceeded to fall to the ground hitting a gallon plastic container of tiki torch fuel which proceeded to break.

Evidently, tiki torch fuel reeks. The smell is getting into the house and Barry is panicking. “What are the kids gonna say?” he asks me. “I’ve polluted the ground.” I’m just sitting there thankful it’s not shit leaking out of his pants. I do his laundry.

I suggest he put kitty litter on the ground where we now have a chemical spill. He actually for once in his life agrees with me. So now we have rock salt, tiki torch fuel and kitty litter all mixed up together by the side door. Of course the kids don’t know this yet. At one point we start trying to come up with a story of how it happened so Barry won’t be blamed for it. I came up with the idea that a coyote and a raccoon got in a fight near the tiki torch fuel and broke the container. He didn’t think the kids would fall for it. He was probably right.


I lit incense and some smelly candle, apple spice I think. The mixture of the incense, candle and tiki torch fuel was hideous.

Then we both went to bed. Lord knows what the kids thought when they got home. But there are footprints all over the kitchen floor so they must have walked right through it. You got some splainin to do Lucy.