That Bloody Buddy Bunny, Nibble, Tricked Me!

So two years ago at Easter Sarah got me the cutest little white bunny named Nibble.  I found him tucked away in my Easter basket.  He was small and very cuddly. Keep this in mind while I set up the story about what that damn Nibble went and did.

JavaJunkee over at  “Just For the -Ell of it”  started it, well actually, I don’t know what you call it but a bunch of us signed up and we are sending our little buddies to people who then send them to the next person on the list and as our buddy travels around we take a few photos of him doing neat stuff where we live.  OK, are you confused?  Yeah, me too but that’s normal for me.  I don’t know about you.

Anyway I was going to send my little buddy, Nibble, to the first person on my list, Trish, over at  “Trisha… Truly”.  That bloody buddy bunny ran away as soon as he heard I was sending him away.

I had explained hat he would eventually come back to me but no,  he got pissed off , led me to believe he was going to bed, and took off instead.  He didn’t even pack a bag.  Well  the bagless bloody buddy bunny ended up in Indiana.  Don’t ask me how he got there.  All he would say to me is “You’re better off not knowing”.   Well, fine, be that way you bleedin’ bagless bloody buddy bunny!!

Anyway, he cried and moaned to me that the lady who found him, some lady named Diana, put him up for sale on E-Bay for a lousy $2.90.   Of course, I asked him what he thought he should have gone for and that beastly bagless bleedin’  bloody buddy bunny had the nerve to tell me that he should have gone for, get this, $500.00.  Is he nuts?  So I asked him why the hell he thought he  was worth so much.  He said in his nasally bunny voice with the British accent “You know I am a retired Beanie Baby”.  All I could think was  ‘that is so last year’.

He told me he thought his E-Bay photo looked like a mugshot. Ya Think?


To make a log story short, I sent  him the money (mind you by Western Union which was very expensive)  so he could mail himself to the first person on my list.  It beat being on E-Bay for ten days. He hated the food there.

So, Trish, the  beastly bleedin’  bagless bloody buddy British Beany Baby bunny is on his way. Good luck wih him.  He’s a handful.


Dude!! And I Am Supposed To Be Packing!

Javaqueen got me thinking about the word “Dude” today. She was trying to type the word “Good night” and typed “Dood night” instead, which got me to thinking about the word “Dude”. I know, it doesn’t take much for my mind to go off on a tangent.

Here is some info about the word “Dude” from Wikipedia.

The term dude is an American English slang word generally used informally to address a male individual. The word was once used primarily by adults but has become a common slang term used in various age groups. The female equivalent, less often used, is “dudette”. However the term dude has evolved to become a more unisex term to encompass all genders, and was even true in the 1950’s during the word’s older definitions.

Evander Berry Wall, a New York socialite, was dubbed “King of the Dudes.” He is pictured in the New York American at the time of the “battle of the Dudes” in 1888.


King of the Dudes

A journalist of the New York American, Blakely Hall, made Wall famous, proclaiming him in 1888 “King of the Dudes” for having won the “Battle of the Dudes” against Robert “Bob” Hilliard, another sartorial dude when, during the blizzard of 1888, he strode into a bar clad in gleaming boots of patent leather that went to his hips. Nevertheless, some historians still consider it was Hilliard who won that boots battle.

Wall won another contest in Saratoga against John “Bet a Million” Gates, for having changed clothes 40 times between breakfast and dinner, appearing on the race track “in one flashy ensemble after the other until, exhausted but victorious he at last entered the ballroom of the United States Hotel in faultless evening attire”

So I guess to be a dude in the 1880’s you had to dress like the above gentleman.

Now it seems that a lot of “dudes” look like this:


Which do you prefer? I think I almost prefer the first “Dude”.

My son calls me “Dude” sometimes and I always end up laughing. It sounds so funny to me to have some guy call his mom “Dude”. I think even Sarah has used the word when she has talked to me. I have had many of their friends say “Dude” to me too. I think it’s cool that they feel so comfortable with me that they can say ” Dude, Ma, that’s awesome”.

Most of their friends call me “Ma” or “Dude Ma”. Thank goodness, I don’t have to wear patent leather boots to my hips or change 40 times between breakfast and dinner to be cool.

This whole “Dude” thing got me thinking about a certain song.

In honor of “All The Young Dudes” I leave you with one of my favorite videos of one of my favorite singers:


Do you or your kids use the word “Dude”?

Lots Going On- Including Clutter!

I haven’t been blogging much or even answering your comments on my blog because so much is going on. I am going to continue blogging because I am a blogging whore or addict or whatever you want to call it but I have got to start packing. We move in three weeks. So if I seem scarce I am still here but packing. I can’t believe the time is closing in so fast.

I am looking forward to moving but I am not looking forward to packing. I want to take everything in my cluttered room but I know it all won’t fit in my new bedroom. My current bedroom is good sized and I have collected so much stuff (crap) in the past 21 months since my daughter de-cluttered it.

It was a guy in bed in this cartoon so I gave him a quick sex change and turned him into a woman.


I think the damn clutter fairy has a nest in my room. The bitch keeps me from throwing anything away. Fortunately she hasn’t gotten her evil clutches on my daughter. If I can’t chuck it Sarah can. I will have to leave the house or you will see me dumpster diving for stuff she throws away. All you will see is my legs sticking out of the dumpster.


The hardest problem is dealing with my extensive book collection. I really, really, don’t want to part with them. “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” OK, maybe I am being a little over dramatic but I love my books. Are you reading this Sarah?

Oh crap, I just found out why I’m fat. There is even a book on it.


Here is a quote from the author:

“Secondly, your home is a reflection of you, not just in some airy-fairy way, but in a real and tangible sense,” says Walsh. “It’s no accident that as our homes become more cluttered we’ve become fatter. It makes sense that if your kitchen is clean and organised and your fridge is well-stocked with ingredients for planned meals you’re more likely to cook and think about what you’re really putting into your body.”

Well, la di da!!! WTF does this all mean. If I de-clutter my room I will get thin or if I get thin my room will miraculously de-clutter itself.

Peter Walsh lives to conquer clutter! He’s the organisational guru on the US show Clean Sweep, a regular guest on the Oprah show and the voice of reason on his weekly radio program The Peter Walsh Show. When not aiding the de-cluttering of people’s lives, he lives in Los Angeles and Melbourne.”

This is all over the top for me. Maybe I should just get on the show “Clean Sweep” and let those suckers do all the work.

How many of you out there are clutter bugs?

I Took a Vacation! Awards!!!

…away from weight watchers and gained back 4.6 pounds. BUT__I am back on track. I missed the last three meetings but I went today, thank goodness. I sort of went nuts during the holidays–a downright sugar overload. I think I caught it quick before it got out of control.

I received some awards recently and am only now posting about them.. I am such a dumbass.. I should have done this before but for some unknown reason(actually my bad memory) I am doing it now.

First from Javaqueen. JavaQueen is one of my favorite, no nonsense, bloggers. She doesn’t take any shit and we love her honesty. To me, honesty is one of the most important things. Just tell me like it is. Thank you so much JQ. You are the bomb and I say that only in a good way. Love Ya!!!


Next one is from my favorite bead lady and that is The Bead Den. This lady can work her fingers with those beads. She also writes about lots of other cool stuff including politics and this woman loves Christmas. She gave me so many great ideas for Christmas crafts this year. I thank her very much for this award.


The last one is from Crone and Bear It. She is one of my newest blog buddies. She has a great sense of humor and blogs about everything. Like me she is retired and loving it. I look forward to getting to know her better. I would also like to thank her a lot for this award.


Now I am supposed to pass these on. I sometimes don’t like to do that because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings but I am going to pass these on. If I don’t pick you this time I am sure I will pick you sometime. You know I love ya!!

The first one, The Gold Card award, I pass on to Little Miss Sew & Sew. She is the sweetest, most awesome and understanding lady around. She has also inspired me with her weight loss efforts. She is one hot mama! She also sews up a storm.

The second award, The Butterfly Award ,I pass on to the newly married, beautiful Birdpress. What a sweetheart she is. Always a nice word for everybody. I am really happy to call her a friend.

The last award, The One Lovely Blog Award, I pass on to Teeni. I know she gets awards a lot but she deserves every single one and I know you will all agree with me. You can’t help but love her wonderfulness. You can always count on her if you need a friend to talk to.

Well with that done I am going to stop here. All that linking is hard work. Ha! Ha! I’m watching “Field of Dreams” for the umpteenth time. I love that movie.

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah!!

I celebrate Christmas but I have a lot of Jewish friends whom I adore so I want to wish everyone a happy holiday for whatever you are into.

This is my last post until after Christmas.  I am wrapping presents but I had to take a little time out—boring.  Honestly, I’d rather do dishes.  I wish I had enough bags so I could just throw every present into a bag but in our new quest to save money because of new baby I am wrapping.wrapping

This afternoon I go to my sister’s so we can make the appetizers and desserts for tonight’s party.  My niece shows up and we all cook together.  I wish Sarah could be there but she has to work.  It was more fun when it was the four of us but times change which to be honest with you I always have a tough time with.  I am a glutton for routine but things are going to be changing for me fast in the future and I will just have to roll with it.

Tonight we attend the party and tomorrow we go to Obie’s father’s and step mom’s  for dinner.  Usually we go to my sister’s but from now on we are going to alternate families.  Fortunately Obie’s family is awesome and I am sure we will have a great dinner and a wonderful time.  They are very laid back and fun to be with.

I’ll take lots of photos and hopefully videos.

I want to take time now to thank all of my wonderful blog buddies for a great year.  You have all been there for me through thick and thin.  I can’t believe I am fortunate enough to have made such good friends.  I don’t say this lightly either.  I really freakin’ mean it. I love you all.

Merry Christmas and to all a Goodnight!!!


Electricity and Snow!


I wrote this yesterday so you will know that the snowstorm actually happened the day before.


You don’t realize how much you really need electricity until you lose it. We got a snowstorm yesterday and about 6:30 PM just as I was going to make rice we lost our electricity. I had made boneless pork chops with sweet potatoes and pineapples in the crock pot. We ended up eating it in the dark without rice. Fortunately I had kerosene lanterns. Within 10 minutes of losing our power I was bored. I hate it, I mean I really hate not being able to get online. One minute you have the world at your fingertips and the next minute you are in a cold dark house.


I ended up reading by the lantern which was somewhat difficult because I can’t see all that well on a good day. I finally went to bed around midnight, early for me but I was bored ( and by now fairly blind from reading in the near dark). All night long I heard noises: snow falling down the roof, branches crashing into my car and big wooden swing, people knocking at my bedroom door ( the wasband said it was a woodpecker banging on the house). I had crazy dreams. Then I heard voices. I thought angels were speaking to me but it was Barry and Obie cleaning off the cars.

By early morning my mind was roiling (Yes, roiling is a word. I know because I had to look it up.) With a roiling mind I got up to no electricity. How could this be? With all our technology and I am sitting in a cold dark house without hot coffee. Fortunately Barry needed coffee in the morning so he and I set out to find hot coffee and breakfast. We ended up at Dunkin Donuts because they have a new weight watchers breakfast.


At this point we decided there was no reason to go home so Barry took me on a 4 hour drive. We had a great time bird watching from the car because I don’t do bird watching any other way. We saw a lot of cool birds. I guess they were cool. In the birder’s world who’s to know.

Barry took this photo on our ride.


When we got home , Lo and Behold we had electricity. The first thing I did–Yes, you guessed it, I got online.

My Intentions are Good!!

I go through this every Christmas.  About the middle of November I get all excited about making crafts and baking for the Holidays.  I plan ahead and then suddenly it’s Christmas and I have hardly anything finished.  How does Christmas just crawl in on me without me knowing it?


Here I am tonight trying to finish all the cookies we should have done by now.  Sarah did tons of baking but we still don’t have enough and she doesn’t have any more days off until Christmas.

Well, it’s OK, I work fairly well under pressure.  Barry and I went to Target to finish up my Christmas shopping this morning and now I am making chocolate covered spoons.

We decorated the tree on Tuesday night.


The tree is smaller than what we usually buy but it is still a good size.  Barry and Sarah even put lights on some of the bushes outside.

I’m one of those people who hurrys to get everything done but actually doesn’t seem to get anything done.

Well, I am going to go make some more chocolate peanut butter balls and somehow not eat any.  Oh, I almost forgot, we are supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow.   Maybe we will actually have” A White Christmas”.

I’ll leave you with one of my all time Christmas songs.  I especially love this version with David Bowie and Bing Crosby.

I have to put this song on too.   Bing singing  “White Christmas”.

It’s a Wonderful Life!

I have to admit, life has been good to me over the last year. After going through some rough years I was beginning to wonder when things might fall into place.  I finally feel at ease with my life and I am really happy about that.  Don’t get be wrong I don’t sleep on a bed of roses nor would I want to.  I can’t even imagine how that could be a good thing what with the thorns and all but Life is good.

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flowers, and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle

So I went to the Vineyard with Sarah on Saturday.  I stayed up in the apartment until she got out of work and then we went to see the play  “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  It was excellent.  They did it as if it were a radio play back in the 40’s. You could see the special effects guy making all the sounds as if he were in the radio station.  They even sang little radio commercials in between acts.

The next day we went shopping.  We went to a beautiful sheep farm where they sold nice gifts, to a chocolate store ( I stayed in the car), and we did a lot of shopping in Vineyard Haven.

Vineyard Haven.  You can see Sarah’s store across the street.


Sarah and I

On Monday Sarah and the Wasband and I went to the Imax theater to see   “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.  I enjoyed it but I liked the original version better.

This is a video of Barry trying to push the wheel chair up the ramp at the mall while trying to tell Sarah of our last trip here with Leslie when we went to see Waterfire in Providence. On that trip he and I ended up hysterically laughing because he couldn’ t seem to push me up the hill.

Sarah and I still have a lot of baking and making of gifts to do.  I can’t believe Christmas is next week.  We have our tree up but we will decorate it tonight.  Sarah and Barry did outdoor lights last night. It’s getting to feel a lot like Christmas.

Sucked Into Cleaning!!


I went with my sister to have coffee yesterday and when I came back home, my daughter and her hubby were on a cleaning binge.  Oh why didn’t I stay at my sister’s house longer?  I came home and got sucked into cleaning.  I just couldn’t sit back and watch them or go lock myself in my room. They were cleaning the upstairs where I live so I felt obligated to help.  My daughter wants the house all spiffy for Christmas.

We got a lot done.  There was a lot of clutter and vacuuming to do.


The best thing I did was clean out the junk drawer and turn it into my new spice drawer.


My spices were on three small shelves next to the window over the sink and I could never find what I was looking for.  And yes, I use them all.  I also cleaned out the refrigerator.


We have to make room for all the food we will be making for the holidays.  I am going grocery shopping today with my brother and it is pouring out.  Yuck!!

Sunday, my daughter and I spent the day shopping and we had lunch at Red Robin.  I had a chicken wrap and only ate half.  That’s a first.  I had the rest for supper and I was actually full.

We went to BJ’s, a discount food store, where you buy everything in bulk, don’t get bags, and everything is way cheaper,  so we stocked up.  We now have enough toilet paper to last for months.  They also sell lots of other stuff beside food.  We had to join.  It’s like a club thing but we saved so much money.  I will be going back for sure.

I will be posting a list of things to be thankful for but I am not doing it until Friday.  There is a good reason why but you will have to wait to find out.

I was sincerely sad to see Red’s blog, “Dr. Pepper Is Good For The Soul” gone.  I must have missed her goodbye post because I had no idea.  I do understand why people stop blogging, though. It can be very time consuming.  I will really miss her.  She had an awesome sense of humor and was a great blogger.

I may not post again until Friday because I am very busy with making crafts, cooking, baking, shopping and evidently there is more cleaning.  UHG!

Damon is traveling down the coast looking for jobs as he goes.  No luck yet.  He is still in North Carolina couchsurfing.


That scarecrow keeps showing up on my blog!!


I’m Dizzy From the Speed!

I was sitting here doing nothing when I remembered an astronomy book I once read.  It is called “The Soul of the Night” by Chet Raymo.  It isn’t exactly a scientific astronomy book.  It’s more about the connection between astronomy and faith.  I remembered one thing Mr. Raymo said about how fast we were moving when we were sitting still.

As I lazily sat in my chair, I thought about the fact that I was really moving at an incredible speed.

To make one complete rotation in 24 hours, Earth moves at 1000 MPH.  At the same time,  Earth is moving around the Sun at 66,000 MPH.  Earth and our Sun are also moving within our Galaxy toward the star Vega at 43,000 MPH.  Along with all this movement,  Earth and the Sun are orbiting our Galaxy center (a great big black hole)  at 483,000 MPH.  To top it all off  our Galaxy (The Milky Way Galaxy)  is moving at 1.3 million MPH toward the constellations Leo and Virgo.

I am exhausted after going this fast.  I don’t even know if I can cook supper. Don’t ever call me a lazy ass because I am moving really, really fast.

These are all galaxies and this is where we are headed!  Talk about a road trip!!


You don’t have to be an astronomy buff to enjoy this book.  It gets 5 stars on Amazon.

Thank goodness for gravity.  Who knows where I would be?  I think this post is going to give Peter Parkour a headache.

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