My Son Is At The ER in Buffalo!

My son went to the ER in Buffalo yesterday because he felt really sick.  He was vomiting , had a bad headache, stiff neck, sore joints and I don’t know what else.  They wanted to give him a spinal tap and I think that made him nervous and he left.  He called me today and told me and I had him go right back to the ER.  They also wanted to do a Cat scan of his brain which means they suspect a possibility of meningitis.  It could be just a plain simple virus. I sure hope that’s all it is.

I am sitting here by the phone waiting.  I’m sure it will be hours before we know anything. I’ll keep you all posted.

My Daughter, Utah, Snowboarding , Sunburn and Emergency Room

My daughter just called me and she and her hubby skied snowboarded all day yesterday. They both got terrible sunburns on their faces. They forgot to put on sunscreen. She actually has blisters. She ended up going to the emergency room and she has first degree burns and minor second degree burns. They gave her some ointment and a tetanus shot and some pain killers which she probably won’t take, knowing her. She said it hurt quite a lot and her face looks terrible with all the blisters.

But she is making the best of it. Hopefully it will feel and look better in a couple of days. She said she won’t let it ruin her vacation.

I had fun at the party last night. I ate carrots. Everything else was not weight watchers approved. I was smart and ate just before I went so I wouldn’t be hungry. I also had a couple of rum and diet cokes. That’s when things started to get fun. They had a pinata but it didn’t have candy in it. I got a straw with boobs on it and a condom. I guess I will just give that to the wasband. I think I’ll keep the straw.

Scary stuff

My son, My daughter, and her husbandI was reading my friend Wendy’s blog about What scares you and I left her a comment about the two scariest movies I’ve ever seen. Then I started thinking about what has scared me the most in real life, you know, things that have really happened. The first being the 44 packets of heroin I found in my son’s sock drawer. That scared the living hell out me. But that’s another story I’m not willing to think about today because I have centered my whole life around it for the past 5 years. After much therapy and Al Anon and my family nearly disowning me because they felt I enabled him so much (and they were right) I am finally on the road to recovery and fortunately so is he.

Another scary moment was when I drove my two children to the bus stop one morning. My daughter was the only one getting on the bus. She was about 7 years old and my son was about 4. So she is in the front seat and gets out of the car, gets on the bus and takes off. My son is in the back seat. What I didn’t know is that he had undone his seat belt and opened the door and not closed it tight. Well, I drove off. We were going very slowly because we were on the back streets behind my house where you really couldn’t go over 20mph. All of a sudden I hear a scream and I look in the back seat and he’s gone. I look in the rearview mirror and he’s about twenty yards behind the car getting up off the ground. I slammed on the brakes, didn’t even put the car in park and ran towards him. Thank God he’d gotten up off the ground and was running towards me but his little face was streaming with blood. I almost threw up I was so scared. In the end he actually only scraped his chin. I took him to the Doctor anyway just to be sure but he was fine.damon-with-hat-3-years-old.jpg

There was a time when he was at the emergency room so often I got to thinking they might think I’m abusing him. Actually, he was abusing me by getting hurt so often. I don’t think I could list all the things that happened to him when he was young. He was the kind of kid who dove into any situation without even a thought of the outcome. He’s still that way at 26. He broke a leg, a bee sting that swelled up his hand to the size of a melon, a baseball bat hit him in the head, damn near knocked him out, sprained ankles (skateboarder), A sliver in his foot even the Doctor had a tough time getting out. The Doc said “Never seen one quite like that”. He and some little girl were trying to go down the slide at the same time and they cracked heads and he had to get stitches, and the list goes on.

The day he decided to learn how to drive a two wheel bike was great. We were at a cookout at a house at the top of a hill. He was about five. Climbs on this two wheel bike and just goes flying down the hill, not even knowing how to brake. He ended up at the bottom of the hill in a bush. He climbed out of the bush, walked up the hill and did it again.

He also did the same thing with drugs. Diving right in not thinking of the consequences.


Then there’s my daughter, the exact polar opposite. Never did drugs, barely drinks, responsible, has a great job, generous to a fault, thinks about everyone’s happiness before her own. I think her biggest problem is that she does so well at everything, I think she feels she has to live up to everyone’s expectations and be perfect. How could two children turn out so different? Yet, I love them both.