Rant and Rave!

I haven’t been on the blogs in the past couple of days.  Nothing is wrong.  I just needed a little blog vacation.  I did try to post a couple of comments on some people’s blogs and I couldn’t because for some reason they don’t like either of my e-mail addresses now.  I couldn’t post to Annie on writerchick’s or Kilax’s blogs.  So don’t think I’m not trying, you two.

I may also be just too excited about this grandma thing.  Did you see the comment my daughter left?

I watched movies for a couple of days and caught up on TV shows that I had on DVR.

Now the RANT.  It’s about the depersonalization of banking.  In other words, BANKS SUCK!!  I used to work for a bank 30 years ago.  Wow, has it changed.  These banks that tell you they do community banking or personal banking–LIES–THEY SUCK!!!!



I’m referring to the largest bank in America.  My son has an account there.  They have branches from here to Florida so if I do have to throw some money in his account I can.   He overdrew his account with two items for a total of $2.72 and they charged him $105.00 which made his account overdraw  another 5 items which totaled under $28.00.  They charged him another $175.00 for those 5 items.  Originally if they had only charged him for the two items instead of three, none of this would have happened.  It’s turning into a nightmare.  I went to the bank and ended up in tears in front of the bank lady.  I really think she was trying her best to help me but she has no authority to refund the overdraft fees. The bank has taken all authority away from these people.

If he doesn’t have this account I can’t send him the money I have for him unless I Western Union it which costs so much money.

The end result is he is in Myrtle Beach, SC without a penny to his name.

Years ago when I worked for a bank.  We used to call our customers who were overdrawn and give them a chance to make good before we bounced checks and charged them fees.

Now to the fucker who tried to scam Damon on the internet:  Someday I will find you and shove my cane where the sun don’t shine!!!!  You Spineless Bastard!!


Damon applied for a job on Craigslist ( not to say that Craigslist is bad) .  This so called Doctor in England needed someone in North Carolina to valet his grandmother around for three weeks.  He was going to send Damon a certified check for the first week’s pay and Damon would drive to meet the grandmother and start work.  Thank goodness, I was in on this because I smelled scam right away.

I just couldn’t quite see what the scam was until the guy sent Damon a $3000.00 check and wanted him to Western Union $2300.00 of it to his travel agent who would then pay for the grandma’s ticket to North Carolina.  Well, I took over and started e-mailing the guy and leading him on pretending to be Damon.  I did this for about a week just to suck up his time and give him hope only to take it away.  Finally I told him Damon had given the check to a friend in the FBI who was going to check it out.  Needless to say we never heard from him again.  I’m turning the check and all the e-mails over to the FBI for real.

Poor Damon, he had such high hopes that this would give him enough money to get him started wherever he lands.

Now I said this would be a Rave too.  The only thing I can rave about is the prospect of being a grandma but I guess you all knew I would say that.

I’ll be back to reading and commenting soon.  Oh, I almost forgot.  The wasband has been hogging the computer and playing solitaire taking valuable blogging time away from me.  But alas, how can I complain.  It’s his computer.