Two Days At The Mall!! Shopping Extravaganza!!

My daughter and I went to the mall both Sunday and Monday . She needed to buy summer dresses for work because she lost so much weight. Nothing fits her from last year.



It was her first time driving against the Cicadas. We went through some bad areas of them on the way killing maybe 20 or so. I decided not to go back and save them to make chocolate covered cicadas.

The mall was crowded with tourists because it was cloudy. Sarah bought me two pairs of capris. The best part is we didn’t buy them at a fat ladies store. We got them at Macy’s and I went down one size. I fit into a size 24. I did have to get them in the plus size section where I saw two other women in wheelchairs. I wanted to ask them if they ate in the dark but I didn’t want to embarrass my daughter. I did talk to one of them who doesn’t ever wear white. She said she stains all of her clothes so we had a lot in common. I don’t wear white either.

I didn’t try to cane anyone to my daughter’s relief though I did yell at someone out the car window because they were coming at us down a one way– our way. Dumbass. My daughter doesn’t like it when I yell at people. I don’t swear at them and actually call them dumbasses. I just simply tell them they are going the wrong way. Somebody’s got to do it or they’ll just keep being dumbasses.

Sarah took me to lunch and I had :

• balsamic glazed salmon a not your average joe’s favorite…grilled and brushed with our balsamic glaze, served with pineapple salsa, jasmine rice pilaf and grilled asparagus.

Then she wanted to go to another shopping place where the stores are all together but you are outdoors going in and out of the stores. I dropped her off because I was tired of watching her try on clothes and went next door to buy a few groceries and be in my own element. I got to the meat department and my cripple cart broke down. I told the meat man and he just ignored me but the other meat man was nice enough to go get me another cart. The store was out of a lot of stuff I needed so I went to a second grocery store just down the street.

The woman at this deli had the ham I wanted. I asked for 1 1/2 pounds. She tells me it’s a little under. I ask how much under. She says it’s 1.20 pounds. That’s more than a little under so I say I would rather have it a little over than a lot under. She says that means she will have to open another ham and then stares at me. We stare at each other almost a minute with me thinking she’s going to move any moment and open up another ham. I thought I was clear that I wanted more. She wasn’t moving. I finally and politely I might add, asked her if she was thinking about getting me more ham. Then she says “You really want me to open another ham?” I could feel my hand clenching my cane. But I calmly said “YES” , maybe a little too loudly.

I wasn’t having my usual fun at the grocery store. Finally I got out of there and Sarah was finished buying clothes.

Tomorrow we are going back to the mall for more clothes because her favorite store is having a sale and she has $250 worth of sale coupons to spend there. But she’s going to bring me to the big book store which is why I am going with her again. I love the book store.

I have to have a mammogram tomorrow morning. Yuck!! I have to have them every six months because there is some dot somewhere and they want to make sure it isn’t growing.


I had my mammogram. I’m glad I didn’t weasel out of going. Now it’s all done.

We went back to the mall and Sarah bought the rest of her clothes. She bought this dress among other things.

Sarah bought me a new slow cooker cookbook. Then we headed back to the outdoor shopping place. Sarah bought me two T-shirts from Vineyard Vines. She bought herself a shirt that she had been coveting for about six months. Somewhat expensive!!


Sarah also gave me a gold ring with diamonds and a bracelet that is gold with diamonds. She was going to sell them for scrap but didn’t feel it was worth it so now I am wearing a $4000 bracelet and a $2000 ring (price if you bought them brand new) that is worth more than my car. I took the bracelet off last night and now I can’t figure out how to get it back on.

We ate out for lunch again. I was so tired from shopping for two days that I went to bed early last night. I am now behind in my blogging. Hopefully you will all see me at your blogs today.