First Annual Bloggers Beach Convention!!

I had the pleasure today of meeting, for the first time,  two of my blogging friends today.  I know you are all going to be jealous because you couldn’t be with me to meet Teeni and CuriousC.  It was an awesome beach day.

I brought sandwiches. Teeni brought an awesome fruit salad and CuriouC brought a huge array of beverages and some veggie sticks.  We met in town and went to the beach in my car because I have the beach sticker and the handicapped placard.  The beach wasn’t crowded so we really didn’t need the placard.

We set up on the beach and proceeded to talk non-stop for over three hours.  We checked out the Eye Candy.

Not that it did us much good.  Teeni and CuriouC are happily married and I am too old for young studs like these guys though I would have accepted another lap dance.

Teeni kept jumping out of the camera’s field of view like a little faerie , flitting about, so she somehow managed not to be in my photos.  She’s faster than the camera but my camera caught me and CuriousC.

CuriousC showed up with a gifts for me and Teeni.  She made notecards for us using her own photographs. If you read her blog you will know that she takes some great photos.

Teeni was wearing her barefoot sandals which are awesome.  She is now selling them in her Gift Shop.

They are so cute.  CuriousC bought a pair and I am buying a pair for someone as a gift.  So I spent the afternoon with two talented and wonderful women.  We ate, talked, laughed, talked, ate, laughed and generally had the best time. I felt like I had known them for years.

We are planning another get together in the future. If there are any other of our blogging buddies who would like to meet up with us in the Boston area let us know.

I could go on and tell you everyone everything we talked about but I won’t.  If we did talk about YOU it was all good.

I couldn’t blog yesterday because the wasband was on the computer all day.  Now that he is here during the week I have to share his computer with him.  But that’s OK he mowed the lawn and trimmed the bushes today while I sat on the beach with Teeni and CuriousC.

Another Day At The Beach!! I Did some Dumbass Stuff!!

I called my doctor this morning about my allergic reaction to the sun from taking prednisone. They told me to call the pharmacist because the doctor wouldn’t be able to get back to me until late this afternoon and Sarah and I wanted to go to the beach. The pharmacist said as long as I stayed under an umbrella I would be OK.  So off to the beach we went.

It was very, very windy.   We put up the umbrella and thought we would be OK with it because there were lots of umbrellas on the beach.  Sarah went to the car to get something and the umbrella took off after her and hit me in the head. At the same time I caught it in my left hand preventing certain death for the people next to us if it had hit them just right.

Sarah came back and we she put it back in the sand.  It came with these bags that you could fill with sand to weight it down.  We didn’t have all that much sand in them so we put lots of sand and the umbrella held itself against the wind.

Meanwhile, I wore my new pink shirt I got as a volunteer at the festival.  I proceeded to spill coffee on it.  Sarah warned me not to wear it.  Oh, she knows me so well.  I opened a bottle of water and tried cleaning it with a wet paper towel.  Then I lost the cover to the water.

We finally settled down and I started reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astronomy”.  It’s fairly new and contains a lot of new info that I haven’t really kept up with in the past few years.

I videoed some couple eating sandwiches, sort of praying that a seagull would grab one and I’d have it on camera.  Of course the seagulls weren’t cooperating and the couple ate in peace.  What do the seagulls do, only steal sandwiches from my family?   Sarah and I took no chances and ate in the car.

Then this happened:

So I refused to leave the beach and had to cover up.  That’s Sarah’s dress wrapped around my arms.  When the umbrella took off for the second time it hit a woman but fortunately didn’t hurt her.

Then we went to look at clothes at Real Bodies.

I love their clothes and now they actually fit.  We found an outfit  for me to attend a wedding reception for a friend of Sarah’s on the 23rd.  It was $200.  This is a casual reception and we weren’t about to spend that kind of money for an outfit that won’t fit me in a few months. So we are going to put the money toward our mother and daughter tattoos instead.

Then we saw the largest boat ever pulling into the harbor. It was called Miss Rose. It was 130 feet long.  You can see the inside of the yacht hereA woman sat next to me and talked during my whole video. Sarah was around so I had to be nice to her.  I would have been nice anyway because I don’t think she realized I was making a video. Oh, by the way, if you are interested in renting this yacht it costs $185,056.02 a week for 10 people.  I wonder how much fuel costs to run that thing?

Then we went to my sister’s house for an hour and talked about scary movies we’ve seen.  My cold is mostly gone except for a raspy voice.  Damon is feeling better.  He is planning to move to Foley Beach with Anna in South Carolina.  But his plans can change on a dime so we will just wait and see.

I really enjoy my Mondays with Sarah.

Two Days Of Fun In The Sun!! Wasband Has Sandwich Stolen By a Seagull!! Damon in Alaska!!

Oh, I so wish I had video of the Wasband on Sunday.  We all decided to go to the beach:  Me, Sarah, Obie, Wasband and his friend Leslie.  Sarah had to leave to go get Obie.  Leslie and Barry decided to eat their sandwiches.  I warned them of the dire consequences of doing this on the beach with those extremely aggressive FREAKIN’ SEAGULLS flying around.  He hadn’t taken one bite of his sandwich and a seagull swooped in from behind him, landed on his leg and swiped his sandwich.  I could hardly breath I was laughing so much.  I tried to video tape the after shock that Barry seemed to be going through but I was so hysterically laughing I forgot to turn the camera on. Just remember, I did not refer to anyone as a dumbass but it sure wasn’t the seagull.

After the beach we had to go to a memorial concert.  Our next door neighbor’s ( the ones I have lived near for 34 years and actually speak to) son passed away a few weeks ago.  He was only 45 years old.  I’d known him since he was eleven. He was a rock musician. His birthday was yesterday and they held a party anyway as a benefit. Lots of people came to honor him. There were about 5 bands and we ended up staying for three hours. They were selling 2 freshly grilled hamburgers, with chips, potato salad, baked beans for $5. I didn’t eat anything.  I did have 2 Bud Lights but I counted the points.

The motorcycle guys

One of the bands.  We sat way in the back.  It was very, very loud.

Sarah’s knees, Leslie and the Wasband

Today, Sarah and I went to the beach again.  We went to a different beach and the seagulls weren’t so bad so we carefully ate our sandwiches and none were stolen.  I didn’t have my camera with me because I forgot to charge the battery.

Oh, and on Sunday after the wasband’s sandwich was stolen, a woman came up to us and said the same thing just happened to her husband.

So I had a busy two days and am now behind in my comments.  I’ll catch up soon.

Damon’s girlfriend, Anna,  just sent me 250 photos of them and Alaska. I will post two now but write a post about their adventures soon.  Damon and his girlfriend Anna both left comments on here.  I cried when I read them. I’m such a baby.

Damon loves catching salmon.

I don’t know why sitting at the beach makes me so tired, but it does, so I will catch up with evreyone tomorrow.

Brutally Attacked by Crazed Seagull at the Beach Today!! With Video!

Well, maybe not exactly brutally,  but the damn seagull stole my sandwich that I made myself right out of my hand. I do have a short video of the horrific aftermath.  You can see the bird (the fucker, which I actually yelled that at him in the video) eating the rest of my sandwich.

First I have a video from my car and I am not driving. SO DO NOT BE AFRAID!! Only 1min 39 seconds.

This next video is just before the thieving bird got my sandwich. Short only 21 seconds.

The last video shows the seagull eating the remnants of my sandwich. Short only 30 seconds.

I try not to take videos that are too long so you won’t get bored.

I also bought a freakin’ bathing suit today.  The first one I have bought in so many years I can’t even remember. I guarantee one thing:  YOU WILL NEVER SEE ME IN IT.

I am going to catch up tomorrow on making comments here and reading your blogs.

Oh, I was interviewed on Anonymum’s blog “The Nook of Oz” today. So please go check it out.  After that interview you will know a helluva lot more about me than you ever did.

A Day At The Beach With Sarah! Includes a Video of Me!!

My daughter has Mondays off and we usually do something together. The first thing we did was take Sarah and Obie’s dog Phoenix to the vet to have her nails trimmed.

Phoenix, taking her job of driving very seriously.

Phoenix smiling because she knows she is doing a great job at the wheel.

I swear Phoenix drives better than the woman in this video that I took. Unfortunately I missed videotaping her doing anything stupid but you can listen to me complain about her dumassness.

Afterward we went to the beach.  I haven’t been to the beach in maybe 17 years.  We brought our lunch.  I got a grilled chicken wrap and I didn’t eat the cole slaw that came with it.

That was a lousy picture because I couldn’t  see what was on the screen of the camera in the sun until it occurred to me to use the viewfinder. But before I realized you could look in the viewfinder and actually see what you were taking a photo of I took this picture of a kite.

I wonder where the kite is?

Sarah took this video of me as I was walking back from the water. I went in all the way to my ankles.

We stayed at the beach for almost 3 hours.  It was so nice and relaxing.  There was a nice sea breeze. It was cloudy at first and it was later in the day when we got there but soon a hazy sun came out along with more tourists.

We went to the grocery store next and I spared Sarah the embarrassment of bringing in the camera.  We came home and Sarah made Salmon Salad, one of her specialties.  She even bought the good Wild Salmon.

And of course now I am blogging after making Sarah 2 breakfasts ( yogurts and Vitamuffins), 2 lunches (one sandwich and wrapping up the stuff for her to make one more sandwich)  and one supper( leftover Salmon Salad ) for her overnight stay on the Island tomorrow night.

And that was my day and a very good one at that.

My Drive Into Town Today!

I drive into town everyday just to get out of the house and waste gas. The gas has to be wasted because the drive brings me peace. So maybe it’s not a waste of gas after all. I will show you through photos what I saw today.






WordPress is acting up. It won’t let me put on the other two photos I had.

I was going to take a photo of the local homeless woman but I didn’t see her. It’s really strange because she carries around everything she owns which is a lot and sits on the ground in front of the same store most every day. Yet she used to come in my store and spend $5 on a bar of soap.

I did give a ride to a woman who was walking that I knew. She had just dropped off her car to be fixed and was walking uptown. It was good to talk to her. I also picked up some protein powder for a friend and went to the Post Office.

It’s been a couple of cloudy quiet days. WordPress still won’t let me add any more photos. What’s up with that?

Wasband is Having a Sleepover Tonight!! Guess The Blog!!! Drug Addicts in the Yard!! Weight Watcher’s Meeting!

The Wasband and his lovely friend ( and I do mean that seriously) went off for the week because she is a teacher and it was school vacation. They are heading back home but are going to stop in NYC to visit her Dad and have supper with him. They will then head home but it will be late so it will be easier for them to stay here tonight. He can go off tomorrow to his baseball card show and she will head home which is about a 1 1/2 hour drive. He has a twin bed which she will sleep in and he will sleep in the living room with the cats in his comfy chair. Good luck with that.

We have to cover the chair with a heavy comforter because it is leather and the cats will scratch it. You can see some of my cookbook collection in the backround.

Yoda will harass him all night. Yoda likes to sleep wrapped around your neck. He is a very stubborn cat and tonight we will find out who is more stubborn, the wasband or Yoda. The wasband will have one thing on his side , a spray water bottle. The cat will have something on his side, he has been sprayed so many times he doesn’t care about the spray water bottle anymore. I think he feels it’s kind of refreshing.

This is Yoda deciding whether to jump around my neck, a neat trick my son taught him. Now here is the question– CAN YOU GUESS WHO’S BLOG I’M READING ON MY COMPUTER? I visit this person’s blog almost daily to get a good laugh. You can also see my police scanner. I always like to know ahead of time when something bad is going to go down on my street. It has happened so often that now I like to be prepared.

Just up the street is a halfway house for drug addicts. Now I have nothing against recovering drug addicts. I am related to one. But I will tell you a little story here.

A couple of years ago I woke up in the middle of the night and heard a car outside my bedroom window. I peeked out the window and there was a car parked on my front lawn by the stockade fence which is hidden from the main road. A man climbed out the window of the car and I’m thinking here we go again. I have written many stories of weird people in my yard at night and this is just another from a long list.

I noticed that the front of the car is badly dented, more like mangled. I’m praying he is not going to come to the door because of course I am home alone. I had my cell phone in my hand and the guy started heading toward the street as I was calling the police. I immediately put on the police scanner. The police arrived within two minutes. Evidently, this guy and a girl had an argument and he crashed her car purposefully. She, supposedly got out of the car and he tried to run her over. He then drives her to the ER, dumps her off and leaves her car in my yard. Come to find out he lives at the halfway house, the girl is my son’s ex-girlfriend and the guy is my son’s ex drug dealer. I think he was selling drugs out of the halfway house. Anyway he went to jail for a while but I guess he is out again. My son was living in Florida at the time. This is why my son can’t live in this town. The police ended up arresting the guy at the half way house and towed the car away. This is the same poor girl who overdosed on heroin and died last September.

This is why I leave the police scanner on. My house is a magnet for weirdos. But I like to live on the edge. Yea right!!

I had my weight watcher’s meeting this morning and lost .8 pounds. Not a lot but with the kids gone and on my own I didn’t think I would lose anything. I can’t change the numbers on my weight tracker because I really weighed 275.8 last week and sort of rounded it off to 275. So now I really weigh 275 and have to lose more to change the tracker. So this week I will be vigilant and try to do better on portion control.

I am off to enjoy the day. It is beautiful and sunny and already the day is half gone. Going to the beach.

I took this photo at sunset a few years ago at Chapoquoit Beach in West Falmouth.

My First Blog Awards!!!!!

I was presented with these two awards by Teeni.

This was for the “The 4th Occasional Teeni Awards”

I was quite honored and pleased to accept my first awards from her. She has a great blog and she is a wonderful person. Blogging has made such a difference in my life. I have made so many friends and I have to thank Wendy from Life With Buck for inspiring me to start blogging.

I’m not going to pass these on yet. I want to keep them for just a little bit.

I’ve been able to blog quite a bit this week because the damn kids are away. They are coming home Tuesday. Crap I’ll be so happy to see them. If you read this Sarah, you know I am only kidding. I miss you lots. I did boredom eating while you were gone. I know I have lots of projects I am putting off. I will discuss this with my therapist on Monday.

It was such a beautiful day on Cape Cod today, about 70 degrees, that I went down to the beach. I took one photo. I think I want a beach chair. I had to lean against the car. I’ve got a few good weeks before the tourists show up and I want to enjoy the beach when I can. I haven’t done the beach thing in years.

That’s Martha’s Vineyard in the backround. That’s where my daughter works. It was beautiful and peaceful at the beach. Soon the tourists will come and I won’t go back to the beach until autumn. It’s crazy here in the summer but I guess it does boost our economy and the traffic.