Halloween Party 2008 with CrackPot Video!!

The party was a success.  I had a great time.  About half the people wore costumes and they agreed to let me post their photos.  The first is a video of me.

My niece’s new house

Me and Flavor Flav

The Vampire

The Zombies (my niece and her husband)

My niece, Sarah and her friend J

Mr. Mrs. Showing Some Leg!!

The Snowman People

Batman and his Witch

Me and the Lost Boys

Me and the Rockers

Obie and Sarah

There was tons of food.  I ate shrimp, vegetables and some Baked corn chips with salsa.  I didn’t have any lunch or supper at home.  I did have a few rum and diet cokes and then a few more.  Don’t worry my daughter drove and she doesn’t drink.

One thing I discovered at my niece’s house was a spare bedroom.  When you are on her deck you have a beautiful view of the pond. I stupidly didn’t take a photo of it.  My niece and her husband are awesome people.  They only live about 30 minutes away.  I could actually drive there.  They told me I am welcome to stay over when I need a little vacation.  I am going to take them up on it. They are a really easy going pair and lots of fun to hang out with.  So now I have a new getaway.

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family. There were a few crackpots at the party but no dumbasses except for possibly me.  I managed to spill salsa on myself after being there for only five minutes.

I need one of these–an adult bib!!  I disguised  the model.