I am a terrible procrastinator.  I even put off doing the things I want to do for fun. I must really try to change.

List of things I have been putting off:

1.  Losing weight.  I lost 90 lbs and gained back half of it.  Need I say more?

2.  Writing posts for my blog.  I really enjoyed writing on my blog but then the grandchildren were born and that seemed to take over my life but lets’ face it:  My grandchildren are just an excuse.

3.  I want to start mixed media journaling.  I got most of the supplies I will need for Christmas.  I am waiting for a couple more things from Amazon which should arrive this week.  Time will tell if I really do it.

4.  Organize my photos which are contained in about 7 giant plastic bins in the basement.

5.  Slow down on watching my Korean soaps.  I think this subject needs a whole post to be written.

Those are the main things I have been procrastinating about.

Next, here a the few things I DID accomplish.

1.  Quit watching TV.  Yes I actually have not watched any TV in the last 7 or 8 months.  Granted, I started watching Korean soaps on my computer.

2.  I quit Facebook games a year ago.  Granted I just started playing Farmville 2.

So where does all this lead me.  Up Shit Creek is what I think.  I spend way too much time up Shit Creek.


I guess now I can sit back and see what I do next. I hope I do something.  Time is catching up to me.

Lisa at just paid it forward.  Thanks my dear friend.