10 Months Clean and Sober

After 10 years of drug use my son celebrated 10 months of sobriety.   It doesn’t sound like a long time but to a heroin addict I can imagine that it is. Every day is a challenge to remain clean and sober.

I am a member of a Facebook group called Mothers of Addicts.  My heart breaks when I read some of the posts from Moms who have lost their sons and daughters to drugs.  Most find it so hard to separate themselves from their drug addicted child.  It took me a long time to use tough love on my son.  I was in therapy for 1  1/2 years because I couldn’t let go.

This is my son today.  He has his own place, a beautiful, wonderful girlfriend, a job and a family who has accepted him back into the fold.

To see him smile and be happy, well, there aren’t words for how that makes me feel.  He and I both know how fragile sobriety is so we both take one day at a time. For today I have my son back.