If you read my last post you will already know that my 6 week old grandson, Silas, is a grunter.  I was hoping by now that he would have gotten over it but on the other hand I sort of like it.

I have had insomnia for at least 15 years.  I have a terrible time falling asleep and when I finally do sleep it’s for about 2 hours, then I wake up and then can’t fall asleep again.  My daughter gives me the baby around 10:00 PM and she goes to sleep.  I have the noisy little tot until 6 AM.  I give him a bottle about 1 AM.  I wake my daughter around 3:30 AM and she nurses him and goes back to bed.  I am up that whole time because he is so noisy, seriously noisy.  The sounds that come out of that baby’s mouth are, well,  downright strange.

At 6:00 AM I finally go to bed and sleep until around 1 or 2 PM.   Notice I said SLEEP.  Since I started doing this I go right to sleep and sleep like a baby, or at least the way a baby should sleep.  You know, quietly.  When I wake up I actually feel refreshed.  15 years of sleeping like crap and suddenly I am the world’s best sleeper as long as I go to bed at 6 AM.  What’s up with that?

I don’t really mind being up all night.  It goes by fast because I am either reading or doing computer stuff.  I do spend quite a lot of time holding the noisy one because he prefers my lap more than his crib.  I have learned to read and do my computer stuff with my left hand as I hold him in my right arm. I also know my daughter is getting a good night’s sleep which she needs because she works. That in itself makes it all worthwhile.

Big Sister, Lilah, loves her baby brother.  I wonder how long that will last.

                                                                 Look how well rested my beautiful daughter, Sarah, looks.

My daughter, Sarah and my son, Damon

It’s 4:00 AM.  Silas is in a deep sleep because he is quiet right now.  This can last up to an hour or so.  I am going to watch an episode of “Supernatural”.