Comments, Tweets and So Forth!

I started a twitter account a couple of years ago  and tried to “tweet” but I could never think of anything to “tweet” about.  It never occurred to me to “tweet”  about the everyday little things that occur like being tired or what I ate for a snack.  I don’t go anywhere very often so that was a subject I really couldn’t “tweet” about.   And anyway, did anyone even care if I was tired or drove to the store?  I became “tweetless” in a sea of “tweets”.  I gave up “tweeting”  early on.

I am on Facebook but not so often since I quit those horribly addicting Facebook games.  I do post on Facebook but mostly on some private groups where the people actually do care about what I eat or if I can’t sleep or where I am going.  Now don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about those who comment constantly giving us a blow by blow description of their mundane existence.  It’s their page.  They get to write what they want and if we don’t like it we have the option of blocking them which I have done.  I actually enjoy a lot of the status updates that my close friends post because I care about them (also many of them read this blog).  I enjoy the music they share with me.  I enjoy the You Tube videos and the newspaper articles.

One thing I don’t enjoy are the cryptic comments some people make.  They are cryptic so I don’t understand them.  I have written about my curiosity and it damn near kills me to not know what the hell they are talking about.  My son does it on occasion and I do my best to not call him to find out what on earth he means.  And again, my curiosity outweighs any common sense I may have and I immediately call him up.

Me:   Damon, what the hell did you mean by your last Facebook comment?

Damon:  Nothing, Ma.

Me:  Well, you must have meant something.

Damon:  Just a joke between me and this girl I know.  (It’s always a girl he knows}

Me:  Well, what was the joke?  You put it on Facebook for 800 people to see so it can’t just be between you and this so called girl.  (by this time I realize I have crossed the line, oh so badly)

Me:  (I quietly wait for an answer and as usual I get the same answer I always get}

Damon:    Mommmmmmmmmmm!

Me:  Sorry, but you know I can’t stand not knowing.

Damon.  I love you Mom.  I’m hanging up now.  I love you, Bye,

He really is very patient with me and my unbearable curiosity.  He probably never should have friended me but he does care for my feelings so he doesn’t block me.

So what do you think about all this social networking stuff?