What Is Your Favorite Electronic Item?

I was just thinking today about how much I would miss my cell phone if for some reason I couldn’t have one anymore which got me to thinking how much I would miss my laptop which got me to thinking how much I would miss my digital camera which got me to thinking how much I would miss my microwave and so on and so on…….

I just found this cool website  “The Toy Man”  which has a 2012 Product Guide to new electronic items just hitting the stores.  This site also evaluates and tests the new “toys” that they have in their guide.  Their reviews are incredibly good.  They cover everything you would want to know about the product.

The following product “The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System”  got a stellar review.  “Created by a developmental psychologist, The BabyPlus™ Prenatal Education System is a patented, early curriculum and prenatal education system that introduces patterns of sound to a prenatal child in the one language they can understand—the maternal heartbeat”.

I suppose it’s a little late to get this for my daughter who is already almost 7  months pregnant.

I love this product too “First Toddle®” , the 5-in-1 Infant/Toddler Play, Entertainment and Development System, initially emphasizes standing and walking skills. In addition, it can be easily reconfigured to provide a variety of fun and challenging play areas for children up to 3 years of age and beyond.

Back to the question in hand I think my favorite electronic item would be my laptop with my cell coming in second.   What’s yours?