Blank Mind and Happy New Year!

When I was blogging a lot I seemed to always have something to write.  I am sitting here now trying to come up with a topic and my mind has gone blank like it does so often lately.   So I am going to just write whatever I have been thinking about.

Writing the above paragraph made me think about my brain.  I guess that is where you store all  your memories.  So how come you can remember something one day and forget the next and then remember it again a week later?  That is very annoying.  If the memory is there why can’t I just call it up whenever I want?

So I went to How Stuff Works and read a bit about brain and the memory.  Now I realize I really don’t want to know.  It’s too complicated and I don’t want to have to remember any more stuff.

The best thing I have done all week is quit all my Facebook games.  It was so hard to do which made me realize I really was addicted to them.  I had been playing Frontierville for more than a year.   I can’t even imagine how many hours I put into building a fake town.

Now I have lots of free time.  The question is what should I do with it.  I don’t want to just end up watching TV.  That’s mostly a time waster too.  When I finally get my cataract removed I do want to start reading again.

I hope you all have A Happy New Year!!  I don’t want to over blog so I will end this now.