Am I Crazy?

I’m thinking I might be crazy or I wouldn’t be disappointed because   Hurricane Earl is losing strength.  I don’t want some killer storm.  I don’t want anyone hurt or to lose their home, etc, etc.  I just like a good storm. 

I love that we will all hunker down and hopefully play Trivial Pursuit.  I’ll somehow cook a good meal and we will turn something negative into a good thing.   Tomorrow morning I will make Greek Stifado.  We have a gas stove so we should be able to heat it up in the evening when the hurricane hits.  Greek Stifado is a fabulous dish. You have to like onions, wine and beef and if you do you will love this.  I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.

It seems to me that when you lose electricity everyone sort of bands together.   It’s very boring to sit in the dark alone but when you are all together you can make it a fun thing.  I was disappointed that the wasband and Leslie wouldn’t be here.  To me the more the merrier.

My fondest memories are of blizzards with the kids going out to sled while I roast a chicken in the oven.  That is a tradition for us. SNOW = roast chicken with stuffing and gravy, mashed potatoes, corn,  butternut squash and biscuits.  Sarah still loves it when it snows and I roast a chicken.

The more I write the more I realize that when there is bad weather we all join together and spend time together.  I think that is why I love storms so much.

Wow, I just saved a lot of money for therapy sessions.  Maybe I am not crazy.