Days 12 & 13/ Houseguest/ No Obama Sightings For Me

I wish I had something more exciting to write about then what I ate for the last two days but not much is going on. Actually, now that I think of it we do have a house guest for the next 4 or 5 weeks.  Joe is a friend of my son-in-law and is here because my SIL has been working so many hours.  Last week he worked 82 hours in a week.  He is a foreman for a company that rents and puts up tents for weddings and such.  His company also rents all the dinner ware and anything else you might need for an outdoor wedding.  The Vineyard is a destination wedding  location and some of the weddings are fabulous. The followings I grabbed from the website of the company he works for.

Anyway, Obie needed help for September so his friend, Joe offered to help.  He has to stay with us because at this time of year there aren’t any rooms left to rent.  Fortunately, he is very nice, quiet and he LOVES my cooking. 

Well, now you know about my SIL’s work and now you know I really haven’t done much if I am writing about his work.

Day 12

I didn’t have time to post yesterday but I used 32 points so I have to deduct 2 from my 35 extra weekly points.

Day 13

  • breakfast 5
  • coffee          2
  • lunch Lean Cuisine pizza  7
  • yogurt     1
  • supper/  turkey burger with reduced fat cheddar on an Alvarado roll,  Popchips.  10
  • ice cream    3   

Total 28 points

I never did get to see the Obamas.