Day 7/The Agricultural Fair/ No Obamas

Sarah and I took Lilah to the county fair today.   We now know Lilah doesn’t like cows.  I suppose we better not tell her that milk comes from cows.  I had to take 10 MGs of prednisone so I could  stay on my feet and walk around.  I hate taking it but I figure once in a while can’t be too bad if for a short while it lets me have a little less pain.  The fair was fun.  The only thing I ate was a cheeseburger.  Not too bad since I was surrounded by foods of all kinds of foods screaming at me as I walked by.  We also got to see the healthy foods too.

Haven’t heard anything about the Obamas today.  It was a raw drizzly sort of day.  I made baked Ziti which the kids love and then settled down to watch True Blood.

  • breakfast sandwich  5 points
  • cheeseburger   10 points
  • ziti  8 points worth
  • Fat Free frozen yogurt from Tisberry, the new Frozen yogurt shop.    4 points

total 27 points