Days 5 & 6/ The Obama Family Visits My Town

I couldn’t post yesterday because I had no internet.  It was terrible.  Thank goodness I have an Iphone.  At least I could check e-mail but it would have taken forever to write a post  here.

The Obama family showed up on Main Street in my town.  They went to the  Bunch of Grapes Book Store.  They closed off all of Main Street.   My daughter called to tell me he was there but I was napping with the baby.  She did get a photo of the crowd.  The second photo is a press photo.

OK, now that the Obamas are out of the way I will get on to what I ate yesterday.  Actually, I’m not going to list everything because I don’t remember everything I ate but I kept within the poins I was allowed.

DAY 6 today

  • breakfast sandwich 5 points
  • coffee 3 points
  • lunch  Lean Cuisine  7 points
  • supper/  I made a rice, chicken, corn & peas casserole  7 points.  I won’t leave you the recipe.  Just look on the can of Campbell’s cream of chicken soup.
  • snack  lentil chips and cottage cheese  4 points

total 30 points