A Reason to Blog: My Weight Loss Journey with Weight Watchers. DAYS 1& 2

A couple of years ago I lost 80 pounds through Weight Watchers.  Then, as things spiralled around me including moving to an island to live with my daughter and her husband, dealing with my heroin addicted son, becoming a grandmother ,  my weight took a back seat.   Now my son is sober for 4 months and doing very well;  I love living with my daughter and hubby; and most of all I love caring for my granddaughter, Lilah.  

I also realize I have no clue about punctuation.  Look at the previous paragraph.  I’ve used colons, semi colons, commas and periods and I used them sort of randomly.  Whatever!  This isn’t about punctuation.

Now I am ready to take on weight watchers again.  My daughter is joining me for a while to get the baby fat off.  With her support and your’s my dear readers I will succeed.

So, yesterday I ate:  (I just love those colons.)

Day 1

  • Jimmy Dean
  • coffee  3 points  (only because I love those General Foods International Swiss Mocha coffee. It’s 1 point per cup)
  • Lunch.  Sarah and I went to lunch at the same place that Obama ate lunch when he was here last year. “The Slice of Life”. I had a grilled turkey/mozzarella/pesto sandwich.  It came with a little coleslaw.  It was delish.  It was also 15 points.
  • supper;  I forgot what I ate but it was 7 points.
  • snacks:    One was Popchips for 1 point.  They are awesome.  One was a Smart Ones Peanut Butter Sunday for 3 points and the other was a Vitalicious brownie with strawberries and Fat Free whipped cream and that was only 2 point.

Total for yesterday 36 points.  I am allowed 30 points a day so I am deducting 6 points from my extra 35 points that I get each week.

Day 2

  • Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich  5 points
  • coffee 1 point
  • lunch :  I had a Lean Cuisine for 8 points
  • supper;  I had a teriyaki turkey burger.  2 points for the burger, 2 points for the Alvarado Street Burger Bun  (These are awesome)  Reduced fat cheddar cheese for 2 points so 6 points for the burger.  I also use a WW recipe for the teriyaki turkey burger.   We also had a salad: 2 points for the  avocado.  The Raspberry Vinaigrett was 1 point. The rest of the veggies was 0 points.  We also had 10 Popchips for 1 point.
  • snack:  Smart One PB ice cream sunday, 3 points
  • snack:   The Mediterranean Snack Food Co Cucumber and Dill Lentil Chips, 22 chips = 2 points.  Fiber 1 Cottage cheese, 1 point.  I did add onion, apple cider vinegar and herbs de Provence to the cottage cheese for some flavor.
  • Vita brownie and whipped cream  2 points

Total 30 points. 

So, there you have it. I’m going to post this now but I may add to it later.  It needs some humor.  Ha! Ha!