I saved a draft of a post I was going to write. Unfortunately, the only thing that was saved was the title and even that wasn’t complete.  Now I am wondering what BABY WAL  means. Of course, I don’t remember.  I guess I will go to a dictionary and look at some words that start with WAL and could be prefaced by Baby.

OK, the dictionary isn’t working for me.  I did come across on Google,  Baby Wal-Mart and Baby Walker, neither of which has any meaning to me.   Baby Walrus,  NO.  

Well, if you come up with anything that you think I might write about that starts with BABY WAL let me know. 

This is the first image that comes up on Google images if you type in BABY WAL.   I know for sure I wasn’t going to write about whatever it is.  It looks like some kind of faucet thingy. 

 I hope I don’t stay up all night trying to figure this out.