Little Bites!

I think that I have a lot of patience.  I also think that’s why my daughter likes the fact that I take care of the baby because she knows I am very patient, especially with kids.   Lilah has decided she wants to eat all her food by herself. That included the organic macaroni and cheese we made her yesterday. It was made with very small shells so she wouldn’t choke.

 Her mom decided to feed her.  Lilah ate the whole bowl of mac and cheese, one shell at a time.  It took about an hour but Sarah patiently sat there while Lilah ate.   Lilah was quite proud of herself when she finished.  Sarah realized she has a lot of patience too.


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  1. Claire
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 23:12:12

    She is so cute. I can’t wait until Laila has a neck like that. You are a good noni. I wonder what Laila will call me…. nana, mimi, whatever. Each of my grandkids calls me something different.


    • joanharvest
      Jun 11, 2010 @ 23:29:34

      Lilah has her father’s Japanese side of the family in her. Her dad is very lean and he stays that way even with the enormous amount of food he eats. My dad was called Gubby by my sister’s daughter and it stuck with him for ever. Everyone called him Gubby.


  2. c
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 03:12:44

    Wow! Lilah’s gotten so big.


  3. sheng
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 04:47:31

    Anne, your granddaughter is very cute! How have you been?


  4. Tasneem R
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 08:25:43

    Oh the little one is growing up !!
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  5. starlaschat
    Jun 12, 2010 @ 09:59:21

    What a great picture! It really capture the emotion. So cute! :+) I agree Lilah that is good mac and cheese. Wow, one bite at a time!


  6. Doraz
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 20:22:23

    She does know how to handle you guys. lol 🙂 I love it. The photo is adorable. I am very happy that you have a chance to spend sooo much time with your family. I wish that for everyone. The best. Have fun. Be careful on that island. The vacation people are lurking. 🙂


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