New Tricks

 I’m sure you all figured out that I haven’t been posting.  My granddaughter keeps me very busy. 

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you can sure teach a baby.

I’ve been teaching Lilah new tricks that sort of annoy her parents.  I taught her to kick her legs when she has her diaper changed. It’s hilarious except when I have to change her.  She has also learned to take her diaper off and one of my favorites is when she makes this gutteral sound in her throat and sounds like the little girl in the Exorcist.   I just have to teach her to do a 360 with her head.  She screams with a high-pitched scream that I think will break  glass. I should test that theory this week.

And you wonder why I am so busy.  It’s so much fun teaching  Lilah  new things.   

The old year was a great year at least for me. Not so much for this guy.  You have to watch it until the end.  It’s only 2 minutes.