That’s right people I lost 7.8 pounds this week.  I actually was a little in shock  after the weigh in.  I know some of it is water weight but who cares,  it counts.  I know I won’t do that every week but it’s a nice start.

I wrote down every single drop of food that went into my mouth including 1 tablespoon of Quiche that I had made for Sarah and her hubby.  I also went out to lunch today with the family and Lilah’s other grandmother.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich and actually had them hold the cheese.  I love cheese.  It’s in my top 5 foods I love.  I could have had it and counted the points but I kept thinking how much food I could have later for the same number of points.  It became a no brainer.

Of course the leader of the meeting brought up my weight loss to everyone in the room which means I have to lose something this week so I don’t look like a wuss. 


 I used the spell checker on this and according to the checker the word “weigh” is spelled wrong.  I really can’t come up with any other way to spell it.