After I wrote my last post and before I watched that trashy movie , I thought about nothing.  Remember my meditation thing I had going yesterday?  I really shouldn’t think of nothing.  Nothing confuses me. Nothing is an indefinite pronoun which means nothing refers to something.   That means when I was thinking about nothing I was really thinking about something and that something was nothing.

Nothing freaks me out and I don’t mean that no things freak me out I mean that the idea of nothing freaks me out.  The idea of nothing seems so,  well, nothing.

So if someone asks you “What’s cool with you? ” and you say “Nothing”  does that mean nothing is cool and if nothing is cool does that mean everyone is going to want it and if everyone wants it should I start selling it?

What does nothing look like?


I’m wondering what I should charge for nothing?  I’m seeing dollar signs $$$$$$$$$$$.  It’s got to be packaged nicely.  Packaging always helps to sell something except I’m selling nothing so the packaging confuses me.  I really thought nothing confused me.

Can you put a ribbon around nothing?   I’m thinking red and green here folks (Christmas).  I’ve always wanted to give my friends and family nothing for Christmas and I think this is the perfect year for that.  Wow, shopping is going to be easy though the wrapping may be tough.  I can’t decide what color goes well with nothing. 

I think this packaging is too commercial.  I want my nothing to look homemade.


Nothing has given me so much to think about. 

You’ve heard the saying “Get Something for Nothing”  How about “Get Nothing for Something”. 

Now that you’ve read about nothing I think I will not think of nothing and watch a trashy movie.




One last thing before the movie—-there is a lot of crap out there about nothing but I will have you know that all the crap I wrote here about nothing came from the emptiness of my own mind. Consider Nothing copywrited by me.