Hi Everyone!

Just stopping by to let you know I’m still around.  Lilah keeps me very busy.  She wrote a post today on her blog, Whatever Baby Thinks.    It seems she has more time than I do.

   We  spent a good part of the day in town today.  We had coffee, well, at least I did.  Anyway,  we sat on a bench and watched tourists for a while, just me and Lilah.  We’re going back tomorrow with the camera.   Dumbasses flourish in this town in August.  It was a lot of fun watching them. 

Did you know that when you are on vacation you can cross the street without looking?   You can also just throw your rubbish on the sidewalk and encourage your kids to do it too.  You can also let your children run wild in retaurants.   These are just a few of the fun vacation things you can do here.   Oh, I almost forgot,  you can cut in front of people if you are in line at the grocery store.

I’ll try to capture some of these fun things on video tomorrow.


Evidently Andrew needs to come here and teach the tourists how to cross the street.