Illegal Handicapped Parking

OK, I am going to get on my soapbox.   I went to the local convenience store tonight to pick up some Diet Coke.  The store has 2 handicapped spaces.   A lot of the spaces were filled including both handicapped spaces.  My problem was a woman without a handicapped placard parked in one of  the only two available handicapped spaces.  This may sound cruel but her fat little daughter could have walked the distance much easier than me.

I can’t believe that someone would actually counterfeit disabled parking placards.  What a freakin’ dumbass lazyass thing to do.


I,  actually, earned my handicapped placard by putting up with lots of pain.  I don’t understand why this woman thought she was exempt from parking in a handicapped space.  You would think she would have realized her fat little daughter should be walking for her health when she went into the store for a shitload of crap.

This behaviour will be ingrained into her daughter who will act just like her mom–a rude insensitive person.

Do you remember The Eagles song “Teach Your Children Well”?  What happened to that philosphy?


Obviously I had to give her a tough time so I parked behind her and started waving my placard at her and sort of yelling at the same time but I was nice I didn’t use profanity.  Dumbass isn’t profane is it?  Then I pulled up so she could move her car.  While she was doing that I made sure she saw me take down her license plate number.  Of course I can’t do anything with it because the island doesn’t have volunteer handicapped ticket people like Falmouth did.

OK, I’m done.  I feel better.