2 Weeks From Today

2 weeks from today I will turn 60.  That thought hit me on the head like a brick  yesterday. So I am back to weight watchers after a 3 month hiatus.   I went to my first meeting yesterday.  I checked on line to be sure it wasn’t canceled because of the holiday and  headed out.  I arrived to see the leader on her cell phone by her car and a somewhat empty parking lot.  She hadn’t posted the fact that the meeting was canceled.  She was kind enough to weigh me in.  I really haven’t lost any weight in the past year but on the other hand I haven’t gained much.  My highest weight a little over two years ago was 350 pounds.  I weighed in today at 266 pounds.  My goal is to be under 200 pounds by Christmas.

Every Monday I will be posting how I do.  I really have to get back on track.  I invested way too much time and effort on this soI have to keep up.

Also 2 weeks from today my granddaughter is due to be born.  I need to be in better shape if I want to keep up with her.  It’s been almost 11 weeks since I got the new knee.  It is so nice to not have that knee always hurting.  If anyone is questioning whether to get a total knee replacement I would definitely recommend it.  I still have the back problems and need to get another facet block.

One more note about 2 weeks from today.  Johnny Depp was born.  Woo Hoo!!!!!

I have to clear my head right now.  That writer’s block thing is hanging around me.