In The Blink of an EyE

Do you know how fast a dumbass can make a dumbass move?  You got it:  In the blink of an eye. It makes it very difficult for me to do my self appointed job:  Make videos of dumbasses.   OK, everybody has a hobby.  So what, if my hobby is being a paparazzi of dumbasses.  What dumbasses don’t realize is how funny they are.  I mean if I don’t video them and put them on YouTube someone else will. And I don’t even get paid for it.  I do it for the sheer joy.

The problem that faces me is how to catch them in the act.  In the summer I really just have to go to the beach. I’ll bet you didn’t know but they have meetings there.   The dumbasses all gather in their speedos and beach costumes.

Now before I get into the dumbasses. Check this out.

You can buy this bathing costume for $49.99

bathing costume

Or you can buy this Prada bikini for $180.00.


The first one has ten times the material but is only 1/3 of the price of the Prada.  I actually think the first one would look better on me.  It would probably look better on a lot of people.

Which bathing suit would you rather see on the following woman?  So I looked for a picture of a fat woman in a bikini and I actually didn’t have the nerve to post it.  It was so freakin’ gross.  So I’m posting the following:


I guess it all comes down to dressing appropriately. Here is an example of NOT dressing appropriately.  If this guy was dumb enough to wear a speedo he deserves to be on the internet. You have a speedo, a mullet, a beer gut and man boobs all in one shot. Jeebus, I hope he’s not a relative to any of you.


I’ve gotten a little off track here going from dumbasses to dressing appropriately but  I guess if you don’t dress appropriately you are a dumbass which takes us back to all the dumbasses meeting at the beach.  Wow, did you see how I worked this? We went right in a circle and are back to where I started–dumbasses.  Isn’t the circle of life grande? Wow, I typed dumbass 12 times!!!!  I’m not making fun of fat people.  I am fat.  I just dress appropriately.