Some Thanks Are Due

I want to take time to show you the wonderful gift that Two Lazy Dogs made for the new baby.  This is one talented gal.  She also sells her crafty crafts on her Etsy site The Nifty Thrifty Girl.


This lovely gal was also on our Host a Buddy program.  You know,  all those little stuffed animals you saw here.  I just,  finally, got my buddy, Nibbles back.  He’s been away from home for almost 3 months.  He’s traveled all over the country.  I wish I could have gone with him.


Two Lazy Dogs also made the little collage next to Nibbles.   Each original painting collage is made with hand-painted newspaper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, acrylic paint and ink.  I want to thank her for sending me the collage with my little Nibbles.

Sarah is having another baby shower on Sunday. Her bosses are putting it on and it will be here at our house.   I’m looking forward to that.